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  • The guy called when the HVAC was repaired

    Friday was my last afternoon of toil for the weekend. I was undoubtedly happy to leave on Friday for a week of travel. I was going to the beach to hang out with some of my friends. When I got home from work on Friday night, there was a problem with my air conditioner and […]

  • Chugging along with heaters

    I have about seven more months to get this group moving in the right direction, or I’ll have to go back home to the United States to be with my herd. It’s not easy to go out on your own and leave the safety of your family and longtime friends, but I did it to […]

  • Working on the warm water heating unit a bit

    I have plans and my honey-do list for today is pretty simple, fix the slow leak in the water tank outside. My lady is not very demanding, so when she asks me to do something, it’s usually because it needs to be done. This apartment is pretty new, and most of the things work fine, […]

  • New house, new troubles: Stuck with a new cooling technology that needed me to call for help

    When we closed our house, I was anxious about the cooling technology it came with. The realtor had assured us that despite being called an electric heat pump, it would cater to our heating and cooling needs. However, the only way to get familiar with the HVAC installation was to get a cooling specialist to […]

  • Eight heating reps to assist

    One of those workweeks where there seems to be no end in sight is this one. However, I am confident that if I simply continue to work slowly, the task will be completed on its own. When faced with a demanding task or a large amount of work, it is best to avoid passing judgment […]

  • My body is cooling down at my home

    My oil boiler, which needs a thorough cleaning because it was used frequently throughout the entire winter, is another thing we need to clean I have to choose between playing music with my bandmate on the pier by the beach or having a good time later with my friends on the beach. My two interests […]

  • Laboring on the radiant heating unit

    I have about 30 minutes left of labor before stopping to take a nap. I’ll return and work for an additional 45 minutes before wrapping up for the day. Due to my excessive sleepiness from staying up late the night before, this week is a little slower. After engaging in physical activity until around 8 […]

  • In the late afternoon with heating

    I have an hour of work left before I can stop and take a nap so I can go out and play music. Although I’m worried I might not be able to make it outside at that time because I still have some work to do at home, my neighbor wants to exercise at 4 […]

  • Air conditioner repair coming up soon

    I recently ate a large apple, and now I feel rather full. I did, in fact, eat an apple with dinner the night before. I was starving when I got home last night from the beach and since there was nothing in the house, I made a smoothie with apples, kefir, and peanut butter that […]

  • Time to labor on the heating component upstairs

    Having had a less-than-ideal night of sleep once again, I am feeling a little sleepy. I seem to alternate between getting a lot of rest and having a restless night. My intuition tells me that I need to change some things in my life, so I’m evaluating what could be done to make it better. […]

  • Waiting on the local business

    A lot of life is spent waiting, but if my best friend and I just practice being in the moment, it won’t have to be that way! There are many things that I seem to be waiting for, including my stocks to rise, a new best friend, seeing my father once more, etc. But if […]

  • Cooling off in the office

    Although the water temperature is still in the cool range at 60°F, my cold sea dips are soon coming to an end as summer approaches and the seas heat up. I will have to wait until the upcoming fall and winter seasons to take another dip in the cold sea. These naps during the day […]

  • Clean clothes and hygienic cooling systems

    Before I leave for the day’s bike ride, I’ll try my hardest to squeeze in one more article. Being able to bike or walk a short distance to get anywhere in this small town is such a pleasure. By bike, I can get to the ocean in two minutes from where I live, and it […]

  • Only eleven more for my cooling corp

    I still have about two hours of work to do as it is 12:30 pm. I also have a purchaser to train at 4 pm, so I must move quickly to allow myself time for dinner and some downtime before the training session. I’ll push myself to finish these quickly so that I have time […]

  • My heating and air conditioning system service was paid by a community member

    When my heating and air conditioning system failed, I definitely knew it would be a major expense at a time when I was already struggling to make ends meet, but I have been trying to save up for the repair, but every time I got close, something else came up and I had to spend […]