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  • Promotions come with action and HVAC change

    For me, being in the zone-controlled HVAC at the corporate offices felt a lot like crossing the finish line. Before moving to a place with almost flawless commercial HVAC, I spent nearly 15 years working for the same company. Because of this, I had no desire to leave. In fact, over the course of my […]

  • Make certain the HVAC contractor is first rate

    One of the more difficult things I’ve done in my life was taking on a custom home build project. Simply put, I’m very happy that I postponed that endeavor until after I retired. I had no chance of managing all the details of a custom home build while working all day in the office’s industrial […]

  • Accommodating in-law's HVAC requirements

    We were so happy to skip the annual Christmas trip up north. I had always felt a little bad about leaving a winter that was perfectly mild for one that required a gas furnace to stay warm. In fact, during the winter at home, we hardly ever use the heat pump for heating at all. […]

  • Transformation appreciation to air purification

    It’s so nice to be deeply in love with my home once again. The moment we first saw that house, both my wife and I fell head over heels in love with it. We found this place after months of looking to become homeowners. And I really mean that. Even though my wife was expecting, […]

  • Discovers ductwork cleaning as a clean freak

    My husband and kids are smart enough to avoid simply throwing their belongings anywhere. They are all aware of the reaction this causes in me. We all also want to avoid bringing up the cleanliness and organization of the house with me. I’m fortunate to reside in such a lovely area with such excellent heating […]

  • Replacing the HVAC system at the in-laws'

    My parents passed away at a young age. Within two years of one another, both of them passed away. And a disease that was at least mercifully quick claimed both of them. My wife’s parents, on the other hand, adored her, and I’m glad she got to know them. With her parents, it’s different. They […]

  • Opted for calmer winter and a heat pump

    Before we finally decided to move to the south, it really was a question of time. More than 20 years ago, my wife and I launched our business. We grew up in a part of the north where a boiler or gas furnace ran continuously for more than five months out of every winter. We […]

  • There is air conditioning in the garage

    I’m not breaking the house rules for reducing air conditioning costs because this HVAC technology is so effective This year’s summer is something I’m actually looking forward to. I don’t typically feel like that. Normally, as March approaches, I’m sad that the lovely winter weather is coming to an end. Since the winters here are […]

  • Can always count on our HVAC experts

    It’s amusing how little business is actually conducted in person these days. It was fairly obvious that the trend was being driven by technological advancements. Having automated systems rather than actual people working for the customer was much less expensive. However, I miss it. Sometimes I’ll spend hours in my home office’s central air conditioning […]

  • There were people working on the commercial HVAC units

    Yesterday when I went outside, I saw that there were a half a dozen guys in HVAC company uniforms up on the roof of my building. I don’t know what they were doing out there. Granted, though, there are often lots of people up on the roof that I don’t even know about. I guess […]

  • Money doesn’t make you happy but my new HVAC system does

    Money doesn’t always make you happy, but sometimes you can buy things with it that do make you happy! I have been thinking about this a whole lot lately. I think that the older I get, the more I think about things like this. I just don’t really understand how the world has gotten into […]

  • I went to a concert last month

    Last weekend, I went to a concert and the tunes was amazing. I wish that I could say the same about the indoor air conditions inside of the concert venue, though. The inside air quality in the venue was certainly poor and I wasn’t sure at one point if I was even going to make […]

  • I went to a concert yesterday

    Last weekend, I went to a concert plus the music was amazing. I wish that I could say the same about the indoor air quality inside of the concert arena, though. The inside air quality in the arena was actually exhausting plus I wasn’t sure at one point if I was even going to make […]

  • This year’s birthday present is going to be the best

    He’s always worrying about the fact that the heating and cooling bills are just going to be too expensive for the month. This year’s birthday present for my dad is going to be the best 1 that all of us have ever gotten for him… I am so gleeful about giving it to him that […]

  • My instructor in the Heating and A/C industry

    Jenny is the sole owner of the business, plus also the lead Heating and A/C specialist for all replacement projects I appreciate to tell people that I was raised by “old university” parents, but this is just a nice way of saying they were strict plus religious. I was the oldest of various siblings, plus […]