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  • Grandma uses the furnace quite heavily these days

    I’m glad that she seems to have the funds to maintain her furnace, and it’s relatively new, because it was replaced just a few years ago, so I’m happy about that I really enjoy visiting my grandmother as often as I can. She lives about 25 minutes away. I moved further out to the edge […]

  • Stuck in traffic with no air conditioner

    I didn’t think much of it when the air conditioner in my vehicle gave out on me last week. I knew that I didn’t have the money to put forth to fix it quite yet, but I’m a hardy individual and I figured that I could make it for a couple weeks without it. That […]

  • The importance of air quality in a kitchen

    Being a line cook in a restaurant is not an easy job. I worked on the line for several years before earning a big promotion. Now I oversee the kitchen and the dining area both, managing the staff and making sure the customers have a pleasant dining experience. The comfort of the diners is the […]

  • It was the best time for the AC to break down

    In other words – if my air conditioner was going to break, this was the best possible time for it to happen Call me an eternal optimist, but I love to look on the bright side of any situation. A long time ago I was a very dour and emo type of person. To me […]

  • I had to get creative to find HVAC work

    I have a problem controlling myself sometimes, especially when I have had a few drinks. Last year at the Christmas party I got hammered and caused a bit of a scene. I also slept with my boss’s wife, which caused a much bigger scene. Roy was the contractor I worked for, and when he found […]

  • Don’t cheap out when it comes to your air quality

    Decades ago, comic books were considered to be disposable. They were printed on cheap paper using cheap ink, they didn’t cost much, and it was expected they would be thrown away after being read. As everyone knows, currently old comic books are incredibly valuable. It is very hard to maintain them in excellent condition because […]

  • Protecting the air quality in my reading room

    I like having a reading room in my home. A quiet place of reflection, where electronic devices are not allowed, where I can relax, read, or meditate. Some months ago I moved to the pacific northwest for an exciting job opportunity. I converted a spare bedroom into my reading room. It was lovely, with a […]

  • I went a little crazy at the HVAC convention

    I made it to an afternoon session about solar powered space heaters, but got violently ill and had to leave early I went to a convention for work, and will admit that I got a little crazy. I have been in the business for over eight years now, but this was the first time I […]

  • I put a space heater in the garage for my brother

    If it seems that I treat my younger brother harshly, that’s because you don’t know him like I do. Ed has always been a screw-up, since we were kids. I went to school, got good grades, started a career, and bought a house. Ed dropped out of school, went to jail a couple of times, […]

  • The HVAC repair tech showed up drunk

    I consider myself a tolerant person, but even I have limits. When the A/C repair tech came over for a service call, I could clearly smell the intense smell of booze on him. It didn’t seem like he had a beer at lunch, but that he had spent all night soaking in a bathtub full […]

  • Take care of your indoor air quality

    There is big money in comic books. Thanks to all the Marvel and DC movies, old comics are selling for record prices. My job is as an insurance adjuster, and I specialize in evaluating the worth of comic book collections. My job takes me all around the country, where I spend days on end pouring […]

  • I got in trouble at the HVAC convention

    I am really in trouble with the bosses. I’m worried that I might even lose my job over it. Apologising won’t do me any good, because I’ve already done it several times. If I had a time machine I would go back and make other choices, but as it stands I may be screwed – […]

  • I could only be convinced to move back up north again with a promise of radiant flooring

    Moving a lot as a kid is hard when you make a group of friends and don’t want to lose them just to go to school in another state to make friends with a different group. This was even harder in high school in a clique environment, but I managed to finally fall into a […]

  • You can’t forget to replace the filters in your air purifiers

    I went to an allergist at the age of five because I had a reaction to shellfish for the first time. Thankfully, I didn’t have a litany of other allergies, just a slight one to dust and mold that comes and goes depending on seasonal changes. Still, that’s a problem when you’re a kid and […]

  • There were people laboring on the home Heating as well as A/C units

    Yesterday when I went outside, I saw that there were a half a dozen men in Heating as well as A/C supplier uniforms up on the roof of our building; I don’t assume what they were doing out there; Granted, though, there are often lots of people up on the roof that I don’t even […]