Personally making a call to the HVAC firm

For a very long time, I had my sights set on this promotion.

  • I was prepared for the responsibility of managing a regional office after twelve years with the company.

I had previously used the office’s commercial HVAC because I had traveled extensively for the company. I believe I was up here for training or something similar. All I can recall is that it was chilly. It was extremely cold—colder than I had ever known it to be. Where I was raised, the heat pump could handle a small amount of wintertime heating if we needed it. I only had to switch the thermostat from cooling to heating, and I was done. The heat pump would then quickly meet any heating needs that were present. When I first visited this regional office, things weren’t like that, and I was relieved to leave and return to the south. I believe I stayed here for less than three weeks. I’ve been here for at least three or four years now. I believe it will take me that long to make this place better. Late last summer, I moved here. The residential HVAC system in the home I’m renting is seriously old. In particular, the gas furnace has required attention far too frequently. But despite repeated trips from the rental company’s handyman, the gas furnace is never truly fixed. Well, I finally had enough a few weeks ago and made my own HVAC-related phone call. They dispatched a qualified HVAC specialist, who resolved the issue. The gas furnace, however, is far past its prime, he informed me. I think I’ll start looking for a house now that I’ve worked here for six months.



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