The heat pump nearly died due to romance

We have now been married for 19 years.

  • It’s really kind of difficult to believe.

The fact that there are no kids in our house and we have central air conditioning, in my opinion, only serves to increase skepticism. We might be more aware of how much time has passed if there were living, breathing reminders of all that time all around us. However, we decided against starting a family in favor of our careers. We became fast friends after our college encounter because we shared a fervent interest in our respective fields of study. We studied together many nights inside our respective dorm rooms’ radiant heating. We didn’t really start to develop into something more than friends until after college. We ended up enrolling in the same university to pursue master’s degrees. We came to understand how much our lives complemented one another at that point. At the time, I was residing in an off-campus one-bedroom apartment. I made an effort to win my future wife over here. Back then, I was undoubtedly more of a geek than a romantic. But when it came to the romantic front, I really did my best. I had a single mother as a child, so I picked up cooking pretty quickly. I started inviting my current girlfriend to my apartment for special dinners. I probably lit 30 candles in an effort to maintain the romantic ambiance. While it was romantic, the HVAC system came dangerously close to being destroyed. I kept doing this with every meal, not realizing that all the burnt wax was reducing the air flow through the air filter to almost nothing. At one point, the heat pump was running constantly, so I settled on simply checking the air filter. Wax had been applied all over it. My wife and I almost raped that heat pump.

a/c rep