I only need a heat pump

Compared to the previous winter, this one has been milder.

That is not to say that we have not experienced our share of cold weather.

Snow and ice have also been present, albeit in somewhat lesser amounts than in recent years. However, we require heating from about mid-November to mid-March at the latest. But in that vein, the heat pump offers everything we require. I’m just so happy to live in an area where I can have excellent heating and air conditioning regardless of the season with just a heat pump. And I like the fact that we have four seasons where we live. The winter and the summer do seem to predominate, but the fall and the spring are also quite lovely. Those are the only two situations in which I don’t need the heat pump at all. But as March approaches, it’s time for me to shift gears a little in terms of the residential HVAC. I’ll give the HVAC company a call this week. Usually, this time of year, I like to have the heat pump’s air conditioner serviced. March may seem a little early to some people because additional heating may be required. But I simply don’t want to find myself in a bind when the air conditioning is needed. And in a way, that’s how things operate here. After a lovely Spring, suddenly, wham! Air conditioning is necessary as the temperature and humidity rise. I would hate for the heat pump to stop working when I turn the thermostat back on. I don’t find anything about this appealing at all!

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