Choose an air purifier to improve the health of the home

During the covid epidemic, my husband, kids and I were at home for quite a few months.

It made me much more aware of the importance of a clean and healthy indoor air quality.

In my local area, the weather is often severe. The temperature swings from the negative twenties up to the low nineties with everything from high winds, excessive humidity and torrential downpours to record setting wind chill and blizzard conditions. There is rarely a time when we aren’t running either the furnace or air conditioner. Because of this, it’s necessary to keep the home sealed up tight and prevent energy waste. I’ve bought new windows, caulked, weatherstripped and insulated to improve efficiency and reduce the workload of the heating and cooling system. While my efforts trim expenses and ensure better comfort, there’s also the risk of contaminants getting trapped inside. Dust, dander, VOCs and all sorts of bacteria and debris can get circulated throughout the home, breathed by occupants and result in a health risk. I decided to take proactive measures to combat odors, airborne pollutants and improve the hygiene of the living space. After a great deal of research into the different indoor air quality accessories on the market, I chose an air purifier. The purifier is installed into the ductwork and treats the conditioned air as it passes through. It filters out particles smaller than a grain of beach sand. It sends out positive and negative ions and disrupts the DNA of pathogens and renders them harmless. It causes particles to clump together and fall out of the air. The air purifier runs quietly, twenty-four hours a day and requires only annual maintenance.
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