Energy saving measures

I enjoy living in an area that provides four distinctive seasons. I appreciate the gorgeous colors and delicious foods of autumn. Nothing quite compares to fresh squash, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, grapes and apples. The winter snow is absolutely beautiful and it’s always fun to go snowmobiling and skiing. I always look forward to the robins and the first sign of the daffodils, tulips and hyacinths in the spring. The summer sunshine is always welcome, and the warm weather allows for swimming, barbecues, cycling and all sorts of activities. Because of temperatures that can fluctuate from the mid nineties down into the negative digits, we rely heavily on heating and cooling. The cost of temperature control accounts for approximately fifty percent of the household energy consumption. I continually look for new opportunities to trim costs. I hope to tighten up the home and prevent the heated and cooled air from leaking out. This reduces the workload of the furnace and air conditioner, lessens our carbon footprint and contributes to greater reliability, longevity and value from equipment. I have replaced all of the windows and exterior doors in our home with Energy Star rated products. Every fall, I check for any gaps and add necessary caulk and weatherstripping. I’ve installed ceiling fans to help create a cooling effect in summer and better distribute heat in the winter. Attic insulation helps to keep a more comfortable home and lessen energy losses. I regularly replace air filters and schedule professional tune ups for the air conditioner in the spring and for the furnace in the fall. Just recently, I upgraded to a smart thermostat that automatically caters to my family’s schedule and helps to minimize energy use.



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