Geothermal heat pump is worth the bigger investment

My husband and I were initially scared off by the startup cost of a geothermal heat pump.

This type of system is considerably more expensive than a more conventional alternative.

The big expense is due to the underground loop system. To bury the pipes in the backyard requires large machinery and a great deal of excavation. However, these pipes are warrantied for fifty years and can be expected to provide around one hundred years of longevity. Because the heat pump is installed inside the home, it’s protected from the elements. Where most heat pumps last around ten to twelve years, a geothermal unit typically operates reliably for upwards of twenty years. A geothermal heat pump is also the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly option on the market. While the top-of-the-line furnaces achieve around a 98% efficiency rating, a geothermal heat pump offers a 400% efficiency rating. This is because the system draws from the free and renewable energy source provided by the sun. The underground temperature remains constant year round. The geothermal heat pump pulls heat out of the ground and transfers it into the home, creating four units of energy for every one necessary to operate the equipment. The process is exceptionally quiet, safe and clean. There is no burning of fossil fuels, eliminating fumes, hot surfaces, carbon monoxide and all greenhouse gasses. When the weather warms up, the geothermal heat pump reverses the operation to pull heat out of the house and create a cooling effect. It’s helpful at handling excess humidity in the summer and won’t overly dry out the air in the winter. We further save money by using the heat pump to generate a nearly free source of hot water. We have recovered the expense of purchasing and installing the geothermal system in under five years.

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