Benefits of sewer line camera inspection

One of the most beneficial innovations in plumbing technology over the last few years is video camera sewer inspection.

The process utilizes a state-of-the-art camera attached to a cable that can be navigated all the way down the drains and into the sewer system.

It allows the plumber to view the health of the lines in real time. If a sewer pipe is cracked, crushed, bellied, clogged or totally disconnected, a video camera inspection supports accurate location of the issue and quicker repairs. Whether for difficult drainage issues or proactive maintenance of the plumbing system, sewer camera inspections are a worthwhile tool. In the past, inspecting a sewer line required digging trenches and disrupting landscaping. The process created a great deal of work and was expensive. A video camera is fed directly into the sewer line to detect problems and stop damage faster. It saves time, inconvenience, damage, mess and labor costs. No matter how far down the sewer line the problem is located, the plumber is able to pinpoint it. The camera can detect root intrusion, which is one of the most complex plumbing concerns. The roots of trees and shrubs are drawn to the moisture provided by drain and sewer lines. The roots grow around the lines and can find their way into the line, creating severe clogs or leaks. The video camera inspection identifies the specific spot where roots have entered the line. Over the years, sewer pipes often accumulated grime and debris from soap scum, food particles, congealed cooking grease, hair and more. A video camera inspection is an opportunity to verify the condition of the pipes and determine whether the lines need to be cleaned, repaired or replaced.

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