To maintain a comfortable temperature in the office premises , hotels medium sized trading floors of supermarkets in the best option is the so -called VRF-systems . They have a number of advantages, such as for central air conditioning systems , and before multi-split systems. VRF-systems are relatively compact and does not require a separate machine room for equipment .

One outdoor unit can support up to 64 internal , moreover it is possible to expand the system by adding additional internal blocks . The total length of all the communications system is significantly less than the total length of pipelines similar number of individual split systems . Thanks inverter compressor can achieve high rates of COP. It is also important that the VRF-systems significantly save energy . They do not require continuous maintenance and may be integrated into the central control system of any building.


One of the market leaders in VRF- systems company is Panasonic. In 2011, the company’s engineers have developed a system ECOi VRF, which showed the highest efficiency in 74 % of combinations . ECOi meets the most stringent requirements put forward by designers, architects , installers and homeowners . Consider the most important characteristics of this system on the example of the older model – VRF 2 -WAY ECOi ME1.

Energy conservation

System belongs to the highest class of energy efficiency in industry EER4.04/COP: 4.56 ( 8 hp model ) . This is achieved through several innovations.

First, thanks to high power inverter compressor (max. up to 10 hp) , which are more effective than conventional models due to improved load management . ECOi Series has a built- load control device by which energy can be installed in three stages , and work with optimum performance in accordance with the settings and power consumption. This feature helps to reduce the annual energy consumption and costs to pay for it , while ensuring the maintenance of comfortable conditions . Secondly, through the use of energy-efficient design of fans and fan motors . Fan design reduces flare load quickly dissipating air – resulting in less air resistance to reduce power consumption. Furthermore, the system is capable of suppressing turbulence and reduce noise. Thus, despite the fact that the high-speed fan is used , the noise level is very low.

optimization inside

The system VRF 2 -WAY ECOi ME1 Panasonic maximum total length of all branches of the pipeline between the external and internal blocks is 1000 m (length of the pipeline from the external unit to the farthest indoor may be 180 m) . Piping length adapts to different types and sizes of buildings. In one system 64 can be connected to the indoor units. Flexible piping configuration simplifies the design of systems for buildings such as airports, railway stations , schools or hotels .


To create an air-conditioning systems , Panasonic offers 11 types of indoor units that will implement the project of any complexity. The composition of VRF-systems Panasonic 2 -WAY ECOi ME1 may include blocks channel (low-, medium-and high-pressure ) and cassette ( with four , two and one sided air discharge ) type mini cassette type , ceiling and wall , as well as floor , both the housing and flush-mounted .

Total capacity of indoor units of VRF- Panasonic 2 -WAY ECOi ME1 can reach 200 % of the performance of the outdoor unit to which they are connected (depending on the model selected blocks).

VRF system 2 -WAY ECOi ME1 Panasonic is able to work not only for cooling (operating range from -10 ° C DB – +46 ° C without loss of performance ), but also for heating when the outdoor temperature is -25 ° C and below. Using the wired remote control , you can program the indoor temperature of 16 ° C to 30 ° C.


That is VRF- system Panasonic 2 -WAY ECOi ME1 is a cost-effective system for air-conditioning , including such premises and that do not always require full cooling or heating .

Manage air

There are many ways to control and management VRF- systems Panasonic. With wired and wireless remotes can control ( filter mode , to set the rotation speed of the indoor fan , timer program schedule for each individual block , set the desired temperature value into conditioned space , etc.) and each block separately , and the whole group.

Special software allows you to control the system via the Internet. Easy setup procedure includes automatic address assignment connected indoor units. Entering data on the system configuration may be configured from an external unit or via a remote control. In addition , VRF 2 -WAY ECOi Panasonic easily integrated into the overall automated building management system , BMS (Building Management System), LonWorks, ModBus, BacNet).

Certified specialists Planet Climate will help you make sure that the high efficiency , large capacity to function , ease of installation , management and control , internal variability mounting blocks – are the main advantages which make the system Panasonic VRF- 2 -WAY ECOi ME1 optimal solution when choosing a system air conditioning of buildings large area.

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