TOSHIBA – CARRIER: the perfect fusion

Global air market (ie means of conditioning, ventilation and heating) , which has grown over the last decade and a half times more than $ 80 billion . In recent years, the struggle to share between producers climatic technology significantly worsened . In August 1998, Japanese and American , TOSHIBA Corporation Carrier signed a Memorandum of Understanding “with the aim of forming a strategic alliance that will bring together complementary product line of both companies .”

The new corporation TOSHIBA Carrier Corporation ( TCC ) – TOSHIBA owns 60 % of the volume , Carrier- 40%. This merger represents an almost perfect model of partnership . TOSHIBA among the ten largest companies in the world – manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment (total sales revenue – $ 54 billion in 2000 ) , has 10 % in the international market of air conditioning, specializes in the development of split systems . During its 125 -year history TOSHIBA received more patents for invention, than any other company in this field. Many of her designs have changed the face of the market . A special place is occupied by the creation of split systems in 1961 , the first inverter technology , launched in 1981, and much more.

Carrier specializes in the design and manufacture of central air conditioning systems and occupies 11 % of this market in the world. This international corporation has the most developed distribution system covering 145 countries . Over the past 5 years Carrier has invested in new development more than 500 million dollars. History of Carrier – a history of conditioning because it was founded by the inventor of the ” Air handling units ” W. Carrier . Carrier air conditioners work in the Sistine Chapel , the Library of Congress , they are equipped with the Baikonur Cosmodrome and Plesetsk . It is said that due to the activities Carrier the opportunity to build the most famous city in the desert – Las Vegas .

It is safe to say that in this case the merged “names” , glorious history and high technology. By the way, a year later , and the example of Toshiba Carrier followed by some competitors .

By the way determined to new TOSHIBA – Carrier Sorporation ( TCS ) , can indirectly judge what mood soar ” in the air” . TCS President Mr. Hiroshi Ikeda stated business strategy for 2001 : to increase sales of domestic and light industrial air conditioners (RAC and RAS ) , expand the sale of major parts and components to other companies , including the know- how of the company – IPDU ( power drive units trained ) . This year, Russia will put a revolutionary series of air conditioners Dayseykay from TOSHIBA. For the first time , the mechanism of generation of negative ions , which allowed TOSHIBA create an air conditioner that cools and cleans the air in the room for about an hour ( conventional air conditioners full air purification occurs in about eight hours). In addition , the latest models are equipped with air conditioners TOSHIBA new zeolite filters that clean the air of dust , odors and bacteria as small as 0.0001 micron (it ten times higher than the degree of purification using a conventional carbon filter ) and have efficiency factor equal to 4.00 , which saves considerable funds for the payment of electricity bills .

How all this was reflected in ” A Simple Buyer ?”
Principal differences between the two is expected this season . First, the first pleasant . Foreign companies have seriously decided to take on our market and promise to bring in the coming season almost all new . Usually Ukraine received all-new model with a delay of a year or two .

The second difference is that due to changes in tax rates and taxation procedure at customs, in the near future prices on air conditioning will rise by about 20 – 30%. The worst thing in this is that the beginning of the season with the quality of air conditioners are much lower , for example, Korean , will cost less , the same as now, are some of the best Japanese air conditioners , for example , TOSHIBA. And despite all the efforts of the largest companies to keep prices for air conditioners, and most likely this season , not all buyers will have time to buy a good air conditioning at low prices.

So if you still want to save money and NOT LOSE AS – not to delay buying an air conditioner .

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