low temperatures

Solutions to the problems of low-temperature operation of air conditioners

Earlier we said that there are some problems when working air conditioners in heating mode at low temperatures. And, of course , if the manufacturers have not overcome them , conditioners and would continue to buy mostly just because of the cooling mode , only occasionally including their heating on in the offseason. Next, we will explain what the technical solutions have allowed to become full conditioners heating appliances .

1. Low-temperature startup. We have already said that at certain temperatures compressor oil ceases to be dissolved in the coolant , and the problem is easy to solve. The first way is to install on the bottom of the compressor crankcase heater that runs at low temperatures. In the crankcase will always be a mixture of refrigerant and oil , and will not be “cold” start compressor. This solution is not very energy-efficient and widely used only for non-inverter , the so-called start-stop (On-Off) air conditioners. This solution enables you to omit the lower bound start the air conditioner to a level -15 ° C. Basically this solution used Chinese manufacturers of climatic equipment . The fact that the prices of start-stop air conditioners are low enough and complete masters of the market economy class are Chinese . Just this solution widely used in OEM brands of air conditioners, which are widely available on our market and are produced by the same Chinese manufacturers. By the way, this solution is so simple that it can be implemented on virtually all models of air conditioners. Any mounting HVAC company in its proposals has so-called low-temperature kits for ” upgrade ” the air conditioner on low-temperature start. Major branded manufacturers focus on more energy efficient equipment – inverters . Continue reading