article we begin a series


This article we begin a series of articles devoted to the use of HVAC equipment for heating and domestic hot water (DHW) .


On our domestic market climate in the eyes of consumers conditioned firmly established reputation devices that buy solely for cooling the indoor air . The function of heating, and in rare cases it is regarded as more . However, around the world related to modern split- systems is quite another . In some countries , such as Britain, Norway, Sweden , Germany and others, the majority of purchases of air conditioners is made mainly due to the heating function . Modern split – systems operating in heat pump mode (Heat Pump), can work not only for heating the air in the room , but also used in the heating system for hot water .

In this article we will try to simple language accessible to the consumer in the form of talk about the use of air conditioners for heating . We will not go into technically sophisticated consumer jungle describe heat pumps , and in a simple manner try to convey to him the story about the pitfalls that exist in the field of application of air conditioners, as well as the principles of selection models. We hope that this article will be useful to buyers , and they will be happy with the choice that will make after reading this article .

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