The first system is a hybrid heat pump DAIKIN combines two well-proven in practice technology : heat pump ” air-water ” and gas condensing boiler , creating having high energy and economic efficiency of your home’s existing heating and hot water , which is an ideal replacement for gas boiler.


Annual efficiency of the hybrid heat pump DAIKIN Altherma approximately 35% higher than that of the gas condensing boiler , which is now considered the best of the proposed solutions on the market to replace old heating systems during the general renovation of the house.

For homeowners who want to replace their old boilers , the hybrid system – the obvious choice . It can be installed quickly and with minimum inconvenience since the inside of the house must perform a small amount of work . The indoor unit (like the hydraulic unit and gas boiler) located in the same space as the previously used gas boiler, radiators and uses the existing pipelines , which also reduces installation costs. In the long term, high efficiency can reduce energy consumption and leads to a reduction in costs.

Hybrid heat pump DAIKIN products is what sets us apart from other systems , since it could be part of any renovation project, regardless of the type of house and its location. The system is capable of supplying water at a temperature from 25 ° C to 80 ° C, which makes it suitable for any type thermal radiator including and existing radiators, and flexible enough to meet a wide range of the requirements for the heating and hot water systems .

Efficient space heating thanks to a hybrid mode of operation

The hybrid system provides high efficiency, since it uses the most efficient of the market today , the heat pump ” air-water ” with inverter control ( COP 5,04 index at a water temperature of 35 ° C, delta T = 5 K and the temperature outdoor air temperature of 7 ° C) in combination with the patented DAIKIN hybrid mode. Over the years 60 – 70 % of the energy supplied for heating the heat pump , per se or in combination with a condensation boiler in hybrid mode . In this mode, the water is pre- heated by a heat pump operating efficiently to reduce energy consumption of the boiler. Patented DAIKIN, flow control system optimizes the combined work , making it a cost-effective regardless of the ambient temperature. It helps the consumer to reduce energy consumption while providing year-round comfort .

Efficient hot water using advanced technology gas condensing boiler

Gas condensing boiler in a hybrid heat pump system DAIKIN Altherma has a unique ” two-pass heat exchanger ” which allows direct water heating through gas combustion , and thus condensation of flue gases is not only space heating , but also in the preparation of hot water. This improves the efficiency of the production of hot water by 30 %, compared with the conventional gas condensing boiler. An additional increase in efficiency is possible by using a heat pump for heating , hot water ( requires an additional storage tank ) and the use of solar panels.

Compact and quiet – ideal replacement boiler

Compact and quiet outdoor unit is equipped with a compressor with inverter control . It can be installed in a garden or on a wall or roof of the house , with a height difference between outdoor and indoor units up to 30 m

The overall dimensions of the boiler and the hydraulic unit are approximately the same as a conventional wall of the boiler , making the system ideal for a replacement boiler. Additionally the system control means , a hydraulic unit , on the water side , all the elements are located , such as an expansion tank and a pump and heat exchanger.

Excellent environmental indicators

Hybrid system DAIKIN Altherma demonstrate excellent environmental performance thanks to high efficiency. Practical tests have shown that , depending on the installation location , the reduction of CO2 emissions per year can reach 1.5 tons (data for homes in London , consuming 18,000 kWh per year for space heating ) .

Hybrid heat pump DAIKIN Altherma – the heat source of the future

Hybrid heat pump DAIKIN Altherma has absorbed all the best of two proven technologies and is one of the most affordable renewable energy. It can be regarded as a heat source of the future: eco-friendly , capable of comprehensively solve the problem between the level of consumption and energy output , while remaining easy to use device that provides a comfortable environment for end users.

Regardless of energy prices, changes in the ambient temperature and varying load indoor hybrid system determines to use the most cost and energy efficient source of energy , while maintaining the level of comfort at a consistently high level.

Thanks to its excellent environmental performance , the possibility of applying for a wide range of houses and a fairly low cost of the equipment and its installation , the hybrid has the potential to heat , which allows to contribute to the ambitious environmental goals of the EU over the next decade .

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