Half-industrial systems GREE: EVERYTHING YOU NEED corporate customers

Semi- equipment segment today – one of the most promising and fastest growing areas in the Ukrainian market climate . Scope ” poluproma ” – commercial and industrial sites , restaurants, cafes, hotels and, of course , business centers . Office space being built regardless of the season , so the system is almost always semi- stable demand . To solve the problems such objects conditioning Gree company offers a wide range of equipment for commercial purposes capacity from 12 to 150 kBTU ( from 3.5 to 40 kW).

Semi Gree air conditioners adapted to Ukrainian power grids , have control of phase sequence and phase unbalance protection . Outdoor units with power from three-phase AC equipped with a compressor crankcase heater . The refrigerant used ozone-safe refrigerant R410A . Among other features – automatic restart with all settings , low noise , the ability to control via the central controller and combining up to 16 central controllers in the same group , corrosion-resistant coating of the exterior unit.
Fig . 1. Cassette Split Systems Gree ( compact ) – the ideal solution for residential and small offices.

Cassette indoor units , wall, ceiling or duct connected to a universal type outdoor units .

Outdoor units with power from three-phase AC power available in standard and low-temperature performance , allowing work in cooling mode at an outside temperature of -30 ° C. This greatly enhances the use of semi- Gree air conditioners and allows to operate the equipment .

Cassette indoor units and units are equipped with built-in channel-type drainage pump condensate with a lifting height of 750 mm from the axis of the drain pipe. Also in these blocks are predformovannye inputs for connecting duct supply air treated .

Cantilever blocks allow you to choose the direction of air flow only up or up and down.

Cassette indoor units , console , wall, ceiling and column types are supplied with a wireless remote control . Upon request , you can also use a wired remote control . Internal blocks of channel type , on the contrary , staffed wired remote and wireless remotes are optional . For centralized control by the controller to each indoor unit , you must connect a series of semi- module addressing. One controller can operate as a group of 64 blocks , and each of the individual blocks 64 .


If necessary integration into building management system is carried out using the LonWorks gateway protocol and BACnet. To one gateway connected to 16 controllers , ie, the total number of units in one control system can reach 1024.

Special mention should be of high power air conditioners – from 20 to 40 kW. They are represented by models with indoor units of channel type with high static pressure . These models have the best cost performance ratio .

Novelty in 2012 is a series of semi-industrial air conditioners Gree, where the applied DC- inverter technology . The main components of this technology : DC- inverter compressor , DC- fan motors indoor and outdoor units , electronic expansion valve .

If the indoor unit operates at partial load conditions , such as temperature difference at low outdoor air and indoor air , the use of technologies for the inverter by reducing the performance apparatus allows to save energy. Once the room temperature reaches the set temperature of the user on the remote control , inverter compressor reduces the engine speed to a minimum performance.


However, Gree air conditioner with inverter compressor can more fully realize the regime of rapid cooling of the space due to increased productivity by 30% , which allows the shortest possible time to cool the room , and again to significantly reduce power consumption. In favor of energy efficiency of air conditioners with inverter control application also says DC- fan motor with stepless speed control and reduced noise and electronic expansion valves , which allow faster and more accurately adjust the filling of the evaporator , and hence affect the room temperature changes .

Half- series DC- Gree inverter air conditioners are versatile outdoor units , which connect the indoor unit cassette ( compact and standard) and the medium- channel types with energy efficiency class “A”.

For devices with cassette unit is the EER 3.52 COP – 3.71 . Noise Level at a low fan speed is 37 dB (A) .

Air conditioners with internal blocks of medium- channel type have EER, equal to 3.32 and COP – 3,72. The noise level of the indoor unit of the model at low speed fan – 32 dB ( A).

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