EFFECTIVE WATER WITH GRUNDFOS – the right way to conserve resources

As is known , Ukraine not apply to countries with efficient use of natural resources . However, over the years , this problem becomes more acute. Significant place in wildlife occupy the rational use of water resources is .

Today, the only tool stimulating the end user to save resources (water , energy ) are tariffs, which significantly outpaces growth official inflation. But do not forget about the water suppliers , who also have to pay the state at the relevant rates for use of water resources . When water is taken and reset rates above the established limits defined by the state, increased significantly.

Therefore, the main task facing the water distribution system is to ensure a stable water supply , water management , which can be very scarce , detection and elimination of pipe rupture , leakage reduction and keeping operating costs as low as possible . Here one of the most effective solutions is to upgrade water systems engineering , which involves the use of high-tech pumping equipment together with modern automated control systems .

The company ” Grundfos” offers a unique and advanced automation, enables efficient operation and protection of pumps electric and hydraulic parameters , as well as reducing the overall power consumption , thanks to the integrated intelligent system pumps adaptation to changing external conditions and emergencies . Application Management Systems Grundfos allows to reach a new level of performance , reduces commissioning time and eliminates possible equipment failures during subsequent operation related to hardware compatibility problems , because all applicable controllers, inverters , included in the produced control systems themselves pumps – from one manufacturer applying proven and at the same time the most advanced developments .


Control cabinets Grundfos Control MPC – an essential attribute of the modern professional solutions for the automation of pumping equipment Grundfos, intended primarily for water supply systems , characterized by a variable water demand and the need to maintain a constant pressure at the outlet. Control MPC is designed for cascade control and monitoring of pumps in a group of up to 6 pieces. Control cabinets of this series are equipped with the new controller CU352, with built-in intelligence Multi Pump Controls, allow you to choose modes and activate various functions directly from the controller. Control MPC also has a unique mode of proportional pressure control , designed specifically to compensate for friction losses in major pipeline networks and provides significant energy savings compared to the standard mode to maintain constant pressure .

The traditional solution for pressure boosting stations represented by one or more working pumps, which provide the required flow and the output station valves and / or frequency converter ( PE ) provides a constant pressure . In its decision , works on the principle of proportional control pressure boosting systems , another way is optimal . The system is calculated on the desired flow rate at the desired pressure. Fits several smaller less powerful pumps, each of which operates at maximum efficiency. This solution allows to reduce energy consumption to 30 % and reduce leakage in the pipe network to 20% , and reduce the devastating effects of water hammer . Pressure at the outlet station is not constant , but varies with the flow and system requirements . The smaller the flow rate, the lower the pressure , as a result of less power consumption. Necessary pressure at the water taps supported by reducing friction losses in the system while reducing costs . Grundfos Control MPC controller monitors the system detects changes in flow and adjusts the set pressure value . The overpressure in the pipe system is significantly reduced , and therefore reduces the risk of substantial loss of water through the existing and new leakage gaps under the action of hydraulic shock . This significantly increases the stability of the water supply to the consumer.

Grundfos modern control devices can be integrated into any SCADA- system through a series of interface modules (Modbus, Profibus , etc.) for remote access to the parameters of the station and external control.

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