Most models of dryers operate on the principle of the refrigerant circuit : when passing through the cold heat exchanger , the air is cooled to a temperature below the dew point , and it contains water vapor condenses and discharged into the built tank or directly into the sewer . Chilled dry air then passes through the hot heat exchanger , where the temperature returns to previous values or slightly higher , after which air enters the room. Some models of industrial dehumidifiers have an additional heater for heating the exhaust air , which allows them to use at a room temperature to 0 ° C.

High humidity of the room in many cases is undesirable. Limiting factors may be the process conditions , health standards , human well-being . The presence of excess moisture in the room is also one of the main causes of premature damage and destruction of buildings , especially in our climate . For example, in the conditions of winter construction , soaked walls exposed to cold temperatures freeze , concrete and masonry cracked .


Dehumidifiers have been successfully applied to eliminate the above situations by reducing and maintaining a given level of humidity indoors.

There are many modifications of dehumidifiers : mobile , stationary, wall or floor , with a strong , practical and pleasant “home” body design . Each of them finds its application depending on the variant specific use : indoor pool , in construction, in the case of floods, flooding , etc.

Dehumidification performance (usually measured in liters of water per day ) dryers can be divided into domestic, industrial and semi-industrial . For example, for residential dehumidifiers and portable models of semi- drying performance value is in the range of 10-120 liters / day .

One of the main problems premises swimming pools is high humidity, which leads to corrosion , growth of bacteria , mold growth , destroying the materials of construction and decorative coatings .

Humidity in the room of the swimming pool must not exceed 60 %. Besides, misted due to high humidity in the indoor pool box creates discomfort for the people present . Therefore, a dehumidifier is an important element engineering equipment pools.

Dryer thus should not only perform its functions effectively , but also harmoniously fit into the interior , possibly complementing and decorating it .

Deal with the problem with the ventilation system is often not possible for several reasons :

dehumidification by ventilation effectively in winter when the outside air humidity is low enough , the same summer the outdoor air itself has high humidity , so you need a lot of moisture removal breathability ;
sometimes in the summer on the street is extremely high humidity , so ventilation to dry the air in the pool is unusable ;
for heating the amount of air that is needed to dry the air in the room by the pool ventilation requires a very large amount of energy .
Based on the above , to date the right approach to the creation of the required air parameters is as follows:

providing ventilation within the required sanitary standards of fresh air ( 80 cubic meters per bathing );
remaining after removing ventilation air via the moisture of the desiccant.
Not all dryers can be used in swimming pools. Dantherm CDP brand dehumidifiers are designed specifically for swimming pools. They have a number of features, including :

galvanized metal occurs after hot- bending and cutting method of total immersion , so that even the ends were galvanized metal ;
all surfaces are flush , no places where moisture can accumulate ;
completely smooth lines ;
external and internal enamel coating .
Dryers operate on the principle of condensation. With fan moist air is sucked into the machine . While passing through the evaporator cools the air to below dew point , and it contains water vapor is condensed and drained . The cooled dried air then passes through a condenser where it is heated to a temperature of about 5 ° C above the temperature of the intake air , after which the air enters the room. The control system provides automatic maintenance of a given level of humidity, and light display on the control panel of functional states .

Dehumidifiers Dantherm CDP brands available in the following modifications.

Dehumidifiers series Dantherm CDP35, CDP45, CDP65 – for wall and floor installation work during 100% recycling and designed for small swimming pools with an area of 40 sqm to mirror their performance from 2 to 4.5 liters per hour . They feature elegant modern design and ease of installation .


The positive qualities of dehumidifiers Dantherm CDP35, CDP45, CDP65 include the ability to mount after all other systems are already installed and working. Thus, if the pool is designed and built with the violations and the required humidity is not supported, it is often the only way to rectify the situation .

Dehumidifiers are designed for wall mounting for the adjacent wall : Dantherm CDP35T , CDP45T , CDP65T .


Performance they are the same , but are designed for installation behind the wall space pool. When this air is supplied to the pool and taken from him through two rectangular duct . The advantages of Dantherm dehumidifiers CDP35T , CDP45T , CDP65T refers low noise level in the pool , as well as that of the indoor swimming pool is no technical equipment , and seen only two air grilles that can be more organically fit into the interior .

For pools larger area ( approximately 150 m2) are the best option dryers models Dantherm CDP75, CDP125, CDP165, installed in a separate HVAC room and working in recirculation mode with the influx of fresh air. They can be used to solve complex problems related to ventilation, dehumidification and air heating . Equipment performance is 5 to 10 l / h.


Dehumidifiers Dantherm CDP75, CDP125, CDP165 mounted in a separate technical room , not necessarily adjacent to the pool room . Fence wet and distribution of dry air through the system of ducts.

A characteristic feature of these is the ability to mix with drier outside air . Dehumidifier for Dantherm CDP165 amount of fresh air that can be blended , is 540 m3. This amount of air is sufficient to ensure sanitary standards for six swimmers. Thus, there is no need for a separate air supply arrangement of the ventilation system . It is necessary to install an extractor fan in the room to maintain appropriate performance comfortable ambient air pressure and remove from the premises of moisture vapor and chlorine gas .
In conclusion, we would like to note that the maintenance of the given parameters of air in the pool is a very important task in terms of comfort and security and challenging from an engineering standpoint . It is better to trust the design and installation of specialized firms with experience in similar work , with the necessary methodological apparatus and sufficient experience . One of the few such firms is LLC ” Planet Climate “, the official dealer of equipment Dantherm.

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