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Thanks to the continuous development of science and technology humanity can afford more and more everyday amenities . Thus, the widespread use of electricity provides ample opportunity for the introduction of a variety of devices to facilitate the daily work and create comfortable living conditions . Meaningful application of the laws of thermodynamics has allowed just less than a century ago to create a fridge, which was perhaps one of the most essential home appliances representatives today.

Use of the same principles , only in a different form , some time later made it possible to develop the production of air conditioners, the most coveted devices in the warmer months . With the onset of summer heat is hard to overestimate the benefits of air conditioners. And sitting in the 40 degree heat in a room at a comfortable 20-25 degrees it is not inconceivable conditioners good civilization.

To buy an air conditioner that best meets your needs ( including financial ) , you need to learn to understand their nomenclature – the choice of conditioner should be meaningful. To date, there is a large variety of cooling air . Air conditioners are different form factor , performance view , design , etc. Chance of a variety of options from compact portable air conditioners have to bulky industrial systems. In this article, we restrict ourselves to an overview of split systems , as the most appropriate and common type of air conditioners for use in the home or office.
Principle of operation. The operation of each air conditioner , as well as any other refrigerating machines are physical laws , according to which the heat from the hotter body is passed to a less heated . In a split system air conditioner structurally divided into two blocks – internal and external , between which circulates Refrigerant (usually Freon ) . Flowing through the indoor unit Refrigerant evaporates , taking heat from the room , and flowing through the external – condensed , bringing heat to the outside. That’s it in a nutshell can be characterized by the principle of operation of a split system . The air conditioner is provided by special devices, such as a compressor, condenser, evaporator , fans, etc. In addition, modern air-conditioned equipped with an array of additional units, greatly extend their functionality .

Thanks to the division into two units , split systems have several important advantages, including lower noise than other air conditioners form factors and greater freedom for selecting the installation of the indoor unit . In fact, these benefits (especially recently), and define a split system as the most suitable for use in a domestic environment .
Inverter and inverter air conditioners. All split systems , depending on the ability to adjust the engine speed of the compressor , are divided into two categories: the inverter and inverter models . In non- inverter air conditioner compressor models to achieve the desired temperature just turned on / off . That is, it is included , while cooling the air in the room and turns off after reaching the desired temperature. When the temperature rises in the room and turns on again the compressor , etc. The main feature of these models is the inability to adjust the speed of the compressor. The main advantages of inverter air conditioners do not include the fact that such models are the most attractive price .
In turn , inverter pattern , thanks to the special electronic stuffing , allow continuous adjustment of the speed of the compressor , which allows a more rapid release at a predetermined temperature and temperature stability without the need to maintain the on / off of the compressor. This approach extends the life of the air conditioner reduces its power consumption and noise level emitted , and allows operation in a wider temperature range. However, if you choose an air conditioner should be noted that inverter models are more expensive than their non inverter counterparts.
Power conditioner . As we know from school physics course , to maintain a constant temperature is necessary to increase the amount of heat loss was equal to it . With regard to home or office which means that to maintain a comfortable temperature is necessary that the maximum cooling capacity of the air conditioner was not less than the heat gain due to various internal and external factors. In other words, it makes no sense to include air conditioning with an open window or door when the heater , etc.
Therefore, the general rule of thumb when choosing a conditioner rather simple : the greater the volume of the room in which you plan to install the air conditioner , the more it is exposed to various sources of heat , the more power must have air conditioning. The specifications of each model indicate what a typical service space it is designed .
Standard functions . Virtually all modern split systems for use in homes and offices , equipped with a remote control with which controls all functions of the air conditioner.
The standard features include air conditioning modern climate control function to automatically select the desired operation mode to achieve the desired temperature . In some models, this feature works separately for heating and cooling . That is, switching occurs with the participation of the user. More functional models automatically select the operating mode depending on the desired temperature and the air temperature in the room.
All indoor units of split systems are equipped with shutters, which occurs due to air flow direction adjustment in the room. The vast majority of models offers a vertical position adjustment shutters , and a maximum range of rotation angles of blinds is usually 70-90 degrees. Depending on the selected mode , the blinds may be stationary or rotated at a certain speed for a more uniform cooling of the space . In modern models is possible 4 -way air flow direction adjustment – vertically and horizontally , that provides more opportunities for the efficient operation of air conditioning in the form of different areas.
Modern air conditioners are equipped with automatic activation , triggered if the atmosphere in the room does not match the specified parameters. Upon reaching a desired temperature, the air conditioner automatically turns off. Sleep mode conditioner goes into operation to provide the most comfortable environment for sleep.
Modern air conditioners are also equipped with self-diagnostic function , which in the case of a fault allows it immediately detect and identify .
The possibility of air conditioners. In addition to direct cooling air conditioners often feature and other features. These include the possibility of heating , ionization , filtration , drainage and ventilation .
However, it should be borne in mind that in the heating mode air conditioning at any temperature air outside can not work. For most of these models , this figure should not be below 10 degrees . Expensive models with additional equipment for heating cold air can work at lower ambient temperatures – down to -30 degrees. As in the case of the air conditioner in a cooling mode , it is necessary that the heat capacity was not lower than the heat loss in the room. If there is a corresponding AC climate control functions , it can independently switch to the desired mode – in this case, you can always be insured against temperature .

The function of air ionization is designed to saturate the air with negative ions . This gives a deodorizing air and saturation with lots of ionized oxygen, which has beneficial effects on the health of people in the room. It is believed that when breathing air negative ions transfer their charge to the red blood cells in human blood , and those – the body’s cells . This increases the overall body and its resistance to adverse external influences . Also , the function of air ionization is useful when placed in a room with a great variety of different techniques , which “consumes oxygen .” Moreover, the function of air ionization eliminates odors and helps to eliminate disease-causing microbes .
Keep in mind that along with the fact that the function of air ionization may be useful for the treatment and prevention of various diseases , in some cases, respiratory diseases or severe wasting it is contraindicated .
The filter function is to purify the air space of the fine dust and germs in the air . In addition, these filters allow you to clear the air of pollen , which can be a potential agent of allergies and tobacco smoke. Dust in the air conditioning , it is delayed by means of special filters , so they occasionally need to be cleaned or replaced.
Dehumidification function in air conditioners helps to reduce the humidity in the room , thereby also contributing additional comfort . Indeed, in the warm excessive moisture is the cause of excessive sweating and additional stress on the human body . Dehumidification also prevents the propagation of harmful bacteria , fungi and mites, which are most commonly found allergies. Excessive moisture is taken from the indoor air and accumulates in a special tank , from which subsequently drained via an external power or sewage system. Generally , air conditioners can reduce the humidity level to 40 – 60 %.
Under ventilation air usually means the use of air conditioning as a simple fan , ie the creation of a stream of air at high speed. More functional systems also allow to take air from the room and bring in a fresh air from outside .
Service. For normal operation of the air conditioner is necessary at least once a year to make its maintenance for the purpose of cleaning air conditioner filters and its components from dust, dirt and pathogenic bacteria. Additionally, you may need to change the oil , replace Refrigerant etc. In turn , irregular servicing the air conditioner can also be caused by a higher power devices , increased noise levels , not to mention the damage and costly repairs later .
Modern air conditioners – a versatile, air conditioning equipment , all the possibilities which it is difficult to enumerate , as they can vary quite dramatically in models from different manufacturers. So , as a temperature sensor , some air conditioners use an infrared sensor that scans the temperature throughout the room . Can support automatic reset system which allows you to resume work in the room after the power failure , equipped with multi-level air filtration systems , automatic defrost timer and many, many other features. With all of them you will find the specifications for each model . In this article, we have led the main characteristics of air conditioners , or rather split air conditioning systems.
When choosing an air conditioner should be clear about the ways of its intended use. If you need air conditioning only in the hot summer days to cool the air in a room or office and you want to avoid additional costs , then perhaps the best option for you would be not an ordinary inverter model . Besides, such conditioners can already offer ventilation and heating functions (if not very low outdoor temperature ), so that in the offseason before the heating season or some time after its completion , you will not have to suffer from the cold. If you care about the atmosphere in the house or apartment and always want to breathe clean and fresh air , then perhaps you should purchase air support function of ionization and air purification . This option is preferred if the house has small children . The presence of filters allow less frequent wet cleaning , and when combined with the functions of ionization and dehumidify the air in the room will create a healthy atmosphere . Also, do not forget that depending on the size of the room , you should choose the appropriate air conditioning cooling capacity .
We hope that the information provided will help you to choose the air conditioner.
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