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This article we begin a series of articles devoted to the use of HVAC equipment for heating and domestic hot water (DHW) .


On our domestic market climate in the eyes of consumers conditioned firmly established reputation devices that buy solely for cooling the indoor air . The function of heating, and in rare cases it is regarded as more . However, around the world related to modern split- systems is quite another . In some countries , such as Britain, Norway, Sweden , Germany and others, the majority of purchases of air conditioners is made mainly due to the heating function . Modern split – systems operating in heat pump mode (Heat Pump), can work not only for heating the air in the room , but also used in the heating system for hot water .

In this article we will try to simple language accessible to the consumer in the form of talk about the use of air conditioners for heating . We will not go into technically sophisticated consumer jungle describe heat pumps , and in a simple manner try to convey to him the story about the pitfalls that exist in the field of application of air conditioners, as well as the principles of selection models. We hope that this article will be useful to buyers , and they will be happy with the choice that will make after reading this article .

Reversible operation mode Continue reading

Solutions to the problems of low-temperature operation of air conditioners

Earlier we said that there are some problems when working air conditioners in heating mode at low temperatures. And, of course , if the manufacturers have not overcome them , conditioners and would continue to buy mostly just because of the cooling mode , only occasionally including their heating on in the offseason. Next, we will explain what the technical solutions have allowed to become full conditioners heating appliances .

1. Low-temperature startup. We have already said that at certain temperatures compressor oil ceases to be dissolved in the coolant , and the problem is easy to solve. The first way is to install on the bottom of the compressor crankcase heater that runs at low temperatures. In the crankcase will always be a mixture of refrigerant and oil , and will not be “cold” start compressor. This solution is not very energy-efficient and widely used only for non-inverter , the so-called start-stop (On-Off) air conditioners. This solution enables you to omit the lower bound start the air conditioner to a level -15 ° C. Basically this solution used Chinese manufacturers of climatic equipment . The fact that the prices of start-stop air conditioners are low enough and complete masters of the market economy class are Chinese . Just this solution widely used in OEM brands of air conditioners, which are widely available on our market and are produced by the same Chinese manufacturers. By the way, this solution is so simple that it can be implemented on virtually all models of air conditioners. Any mounting HVAC company in its proposals has so-called low-temperature kits for ” upgrade ” the air conditioner on low-temperature start. Major branded manufacturers focus on more energy efficient equipment – inverters . Continue reading


The first system is a hybrid heat pump DAIKIN combines two well-proven in practice technology : heat pump ” air-water ” and gas condensing boiler , creating having high energy and economic efficiency of your home’s existing heating and hot water , which is an ideal replacement for gas boiler.


Annual efficiency of the hybrid heat pump DAIKIN Altherma approximately 35% higher than that of the gas condensing boiler , which is now considered the best of the proposed solutions on the market to replace old heating systems during the general renovation of the house.

For homeowners who want to replace their old boilers , the hybrid system – the obvious choice . It can be installed quickly and with minimum inconvenience since the inside of the house must perform a small amount of work . The indoor unit (like the hydraulic unit and gas boiler) located in the same space as the previously used gas boiler, radiators and uses the existing pipelines , which also reduces installation costs. In the long term, high efficiency can reduce energy consumption and leads to a reduction in costs.

Hybrid heat pump DAIKIN products is what sets us apart from other systems , since it could be part of any renovation project, regardless of the type of house and its location. The system is capable of supplying water at a temperature from 25 ° C to 80 ° C, which makes it suitable for any type thermal radiator including and existing radiators, and flexible enough to meet a wide range of the requirements for the heating and hot water systems . Continue reading


To maintain a comfortable temperature in the office premises , hotels medium sized trading floors of supermarkets in the best option is the so -called VRF-systems . They have a number of advantages, such as for central air conditioning systems , and before multi-split systems. VRF-systems are relatively compact and does not require a separate machine room for equipment .

One outdoor unit can support up to 64 internal , moreover it is possible to expand the system by adding additional internal blocks . The total length of all the communications system is significantly less than the total length of pipelines similar number of individual split systems . Thanks inverter compressor can achieve high rates of COP. It is also important that the VRF-systems significantly save energy . They do not require continuous maintenance and may be integrated into the central control system of any building.


One of the market leaders in VRF- systems company is Panasonic. In 2011, the company’s engineers have developed a system ECOi VRF, which showed the highest efficiency in 74 % of combinations . ECOi meets the most stringent requirements put forward by designers, architects , installers and homeowners . Consider the most important characteristics of this system on the example of the older model – VRF 2 -WAY ECOi ME1.

Energy conservation

System belongs to the highest class of energy efficiency in industry EER4.04/COP: 4.56 ( 8 hp model ) . This is achieved through several innovations. Continue reading

WALL AIR HANDLING ventilation units with heat recovery MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC LOSSNAY VL-100EU5-E

According to the normative literature containing sanitary requirements for residential buildings , they should be provided with ventilation natural impulse . These are the most well-known all exhaust grilles in the kitchen, bathrooms and bathroom. A compensation exhaust air usually provide by entering the room apartment outside air through gaps in window openings , through open windows or skylights . There is such a thing as the outside air infiltration – the influx of outside air seeping through cracks external protections under the influence of wind and gravity. The beauty of this solution is that the optimal size of the window openings leaks and power headroom heating system we get a natural flow of fresh air , rich in oxygen , without additional construction and money.

In the calculations of ventilation in residential buildings sanitary norm of fresh air for each person in the room is usually considered 60 m3 / h per person or 3 m3 per 1 m2 of living space . Continue reading


Two years ago the management of the concern Systemair was decided to consolidate the production of all heating equipment under the brand Frico. On the one hand, it significantly expanded the possibilities, but on the other – significantly increased the responsibility for the possible failure of the local , including Ukrainian , markets.

At the same time the company’s strong growth came through acquisitions and air curtains manufacturers (Gelu, Shearflow, Tekadoor) in Europe . Partially their products poured into the main lineup, expanding its capabilities, partly dubbed the already existing model curtains Frico.

Thus, by the beginning of 2012 under the brand Frico produces more than 390 different air curtains . They were made in different countries, in different companies , with different technologies and different hardware components .

This circumstance prompted Systemair engineers to develop a new generation of air curtains that would connect a results of the most recent studies with new technological possibilities .

According to specialists, the diversity of the manufactured equipment could be without prejudice to the consumer to replace 150 models , making them the most versatile. Primarily developed product series PA3500 and PA4200, designed to replace the hangings series AS300/400 , AD300/400 and AG/AGV4000. Horizontal model with appropriate accessories can be connected in a continuous line , installed vertically and join column or placed in a suspended ceiling . Dimensions curtains from 1 to 3 m in increments of 0.5 m equipment available in versions without heating (A) , with electrical ( E) and hot water coolant with different parameters (WH, WL, WLL). Continue reading

Principle of morning dew

Dehumidifiers condensing type (based on the refrigeration unit) used in residential and ancillary rooms apartments and cottages in the pools and on-site . They afford to rapidly lower the relative humidity in the room with 90-100 % to the most comfortable and supportive for the human body 40-60%. An indispensable condition : drainage should be performed indoors, the temperature of which corresponds to a range of operating temperatures of the selected device .

During operation of wet air in the room passes through the desiccant evaporator on the cold surfaces of which the moisture condenses , and then flows down and is drained into the sump . The dehumidified air is fed to the condenser fan , where it is heated and returned to the room.

Due to repeated passage of air through the dryer air humidity gradually decreases , resulting in enhanced processes of evaporation from wet surfaces of walls and furniture. Getting rid of the excess moisture , and design things dry up , then the humidity in the room is no longer beyond the user-specified values – and dryer automatically shuts off. Continue reading