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Half-industrial systems GREE: EVERYTHING YOU NEED corporate customers

Semi- equipment segment today – one of the most promising and fastest growing areas in the Ukrainian market climate . Scope ” poluproma ” – commercial and industrial sites , restaurants, cafes, hotels and, of course , business centers . Office space being built regardless of the season , so the system is almost always semi- stable demand . To solve the problems such objects conditioning Gree company offers a wide range of equipment for commercial purposes capacity from 12 to 150 kBTU ( from 3.5 to 40 kW).

Semi Gree air conditioners adapted to Ukrainian power grids , have control of phase sequence and phase unbalance protection . Outdoor units with power from three-phase AC equipped with a compressor crankcase heater . The refrigerant used ozone-safe refrigerant R410A . Among other features – automatic restart with all settings , low noise , the ability to control via the central controller and combining up to 16 central controllers in the same group , corrosion-resistant coating of the exterior unit.
Fig . 1. Cassette Split Systems Gree ( compact ) – the ideal solution for residential and small offices.

Cassette indoor units , wall, ceiling or duct connected to a universal type outdoor units .

Outdoor units with power from three-phase AC power available in standard and low-temperature performance , allowing work in cooling mode at an outside temperature of -30 ° C. This greatly enhances the use of semi- Gree air conditioners and allows to operate the equipment .

Cassette indoor units and units are equipped with built-in channel-type drainage pump condensate with a lifting height of 750 mm from the axis of the drain pipe. Also in these blocks are predformovannye inputs for connecting duct supply air treated . Continue reading


Most models of dryers operate on the principle of the refrigerant circuit : when passing through the cold heat exchanger , the air is cooled to a temperature below the dew point , and it contains water vapor condenses and discharged into the built tank or directly into the sewer . Chilled dry air then passes through the hot heat exchanger , where the temperature returns to previous values or slightly higher , after which air enters the room. Some models of industrial dehumidifiers have an additional heater for heating the exhaust air , which allows them to use at a room temperature to 0 ° C.

High humidity of the room in many cases is undesirable. Limiting factors may be the process conditions , health standards , human well-being . The presence of excess moisture in the room is also one of the main causes of premature damage and destruction of buildings , especially in our climate . For example, in the conditions of winter construction , soaked walls exposed to cold temperatures freeze , concrete and masonry cracked .


Dehumidifiers have been successfully applied to eliminate the above situations by reducing and maintaining a given level of humidity indoors.

There are many modifications of dehumidifiers : mobile , stationary, wall or floor , with a strong , practical and pleasant “home” body design . Each of them finds its application depending on the variant specific use : indoor pool , in construction, in the case of floods, flooding , etc. Continue reading