Brand History : CARRIER

The story of the brand Carrier usually begin with the words: “The history of air conditioning – a story of Carrier». And there is much truth – 105 years ago, a young scientist and inventor Willis Haviland talented Carrier created the first device to control the temperature and humidity Publishing . In 1906 he patented his “Apparatus for air treatment .”

However, the history of the brand began later in 1915 when Willis Carrier with six partners created Carrier Engineering Company, and in 1922 was invented by a centrifugal chiller , released under the name Carrier. Then the problem was solved conditioning large spaces . The first major customer of the company becomes a cinema Metropolitan Theater in Los Angeles . There was installed air conditioning system with vozduhorazdachey , recycling, cooling, humidification and automatic control parameters.

In the 20s conditioners are popping up everywhere – and it conditioners Carrier. Inscription «REFRIGERATING PLANT» became one of the most powerful advertising moves , attracting crowds of customers. Willis Carrier himself believed that the turning point in the history of the brand ( and the main test ) was the order for the installation of air conditioning for the cinema ” Rivoli ” in New York , at that time the largest theater in the United States . Thereafter Carrier products has been widely advertised and within six years – from 1925 to 1930 – th – More than 300 U.S. theaters were equipped with air-conditioning systems .

It would have developed business by large companies and industrial plants , if not the Great Depression of 1929. Decreased production in the United States nearly doubled , unemployment … Air Related while luxury items are becoming expensive even large companies. It was necessary to reduce the price of units, make them available to private customers.

Widespread air conditioners Carrier received only after the U.S. economic recovery after the Second World War. According to the magazine Business Week, air conditioning residential units played an important role in the increase of the U.S. population to 300 million people in the population before uninhabited southwestern territories and Florida. Developed in parallel conditioners for trains , planes, cars, river and sea vessels . In 1925, the first ship was equipped with a cooling system machine Carrier. In 1930, there were air-cooling system in cars New York Railroad. In 1936, the first automobile air-conditioning installed in the bus plying on the very hot in the world of the Damascus- Baghdad route .

One of the latest inventions of Willis Carrier has become a compact car with air conditioning, so prized by the current car owners . Carrier under the brand were released the world’s first semi- conditioners and household refrigerant does not deplete the ozone layer . In North America, a Sales 2 million such systems.
In 2007, Carrier was awarded the Agency for the U.S. Environmental Protection – “The best of the best to protect the stratospheric ozone layer .” With the technique is directly related to the safety of Carrier many works of art and historical treasures . This 500 -year-old mummy Inca girl , found in Peru, which is stored in a glass case at a strictly fixed temperature and humidity. And the frescoes of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel , for which in 1992 Pope John Paul II ordered the Carrier air conditioning system . The task was so technically difficult that the creation of air-conditioning system took longer than that Michelangelo painted on the vault.
Carrier air conditioners work in the Library of Alexandria (Cairo ) , the Uffizi Gallery (Florence), the Museum of Contemporary Art (London), at the Acropolis in Athens , the Royal Opera House ( Madrid ) , the British Museum and even in many of the different buildings and structures across the globe. This brand logo placed on every eighth conditioner produced in the world .

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