Two years ago the management of the concern Systemair was decided to consolidate the production of all heating equipment under the brand Frico. On the one hand, it significantly expanded the possibilities, but on the other – significantly increased the responsibility for the possible failure of the local , including Ukrainian , markets.

At the same time the company’s strong growth came through acquisitions and air curtains manufacturers (Gelu, Shearflow, Tekadoor) in Europe . Partially their products poured into the main lineup, expanding its capabilities, partly dubbed the already existing model curtains Frico.

Thus, by the beginning of 2012 under the brand Frico produces more than 390 different air curtains . They were made in different countries, in different companies , with different technologies and different hardware components .

This circumstance prompted Systemair engineers to develop a new generation of air curtains that would connect a results of the most recent studies with new technological possibilities .

According to specialists, the diversity of the manufactured equipment could be without prejudice to the consumer to replace 150 models , making them the most versatile. Primarily developed product series PA3500 and PA4200, designed to replace the hangings series AS300/400 , AD300/400 and AG/AGV4000. Horizontal model with appropriate accessories can be connected in a continuous line , installed vertically and join column or placed in a suspended ceiling . Dimensions curtains from 1 to 3 m in increments of 0.5 m equipment available in versions without heating (A) , with electrical ( E) and hot water coolant with different parameters (WH, WL, WLL).

In the coming season, scheduled to start production of the veil and RA3200 series RA2200/2500 mounting height of up to 2.2 , 2.5 and 3.2 m, respectively.

The main tool to create curtains RA series was the use of technology Frico Thermozone – a systematic approach to the design and manufacture of air curtains, which involves a combination of the basic parameters of the optimized airflow. The package of measures includes obtaining stabilized nizkoturbulentnoy jet due to profiling the flow part of the veil, and the use of special guide bars, which in turn makes it possible to achieve the maximum effect with minimal power consumption and noise level.


Technology Benefits Frico Thermozone were confirmed during a visual experiment, which was conducted at the research center Frico. Essence of the experiment was to find out what the veil creates a more powerful and stable flow . To do this indoors at a distance of 10-12 m from each other in pairs with installed air curtains blowing towards each other. Between them strictly in the middle frame was established that under the pressure of the air deflected from the vertical position . As you probably guessed, one of the subjects of curtains was lineup Frico, second – one of the most respected competitors. Been tested several models and in all cases the experiment demonstrated that Frico air curtain creates a more powerful jet , despite the fact that they were compared with models whose performance ( passport ) was 10-25% higher.

The second part of this experiment was to compare the noise characteristics – and here Frico air curtains were out of competition .

But that’s not all. Specifically for the new generation of air curtains Frico has developed a new intelligent control system SIRe ( SIR ), which combines great features with simplicity and ease of installation and operation .

The system consists of several sensors and control units, which, depending on the selected option gives the opportunity to realize certain functions .

Features of the system is that it is low voltage , that is absolutely safe , consists of blocks , some of which are built into the equipment .

Depending on the required functions can be implemented three levels of government .

The easiest (base) – this function remote control and thermostat. Higher ( advanced) adds to the basic functions calendar , adapting the operating mode depending on the frequency and duration of door opening , filter display . Finally , a top level ( pro ) allows full connection to BMS system . Proactive system – air flow rate and the heating power are selected depending on the outside temperature in accordance with the wishes of the user ( and ECO modes COMFORT).

For all versions implemented fault indication and laid algorithms for various emergency situations . In a nutshell : The system provides a fully autonomous SIRe curtain operation in automatic mode for a lifetime (if not require reconfiguration ) .

Under the new management system has been adapted a number of products produced previously .

Thus, the well-known air curtains Frico AD Corinte currently manufactured in version ADCS – c same characteristics and appearance , but with built-in elements of the system SIRe. In addition , with the same series of changes produced AR3500 curtains and heaters SWH.

Indeed , the new system is simple and easy to use, but in order to master all its secrets and learn how to confidently work with it , you need to take a training course . At least , it should be done to those experts who are engaged in sales and installation of this product on the Russian market , so that they were able to transfer their skills to their colleagues and to assist end users in case of any issues or problems.

As part of the training headquarters Frico was organized in May Frico Academy for Eastern Europe .


Frico for the company has always been important in relationships with partners to create an atmosphere of confidence and ease – a solid foundation for a prosperous and mutually beneficial long-term joint venture.

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