Many people were without power after the storm hit

When the electricity was back, she came by with several portable air conditioners

When I came across an article describing great things to do in a city I loved, I thought that it would be a fun place to visit in summer. So, I made the necessary arrangements and booked a place to stay with the family. We love staying near top attractions in the different places we live. This time, we wanted to have our own space, so we booked a house instead of a hotel. Since this was a huge city, we wanted to be outside from the chaos, and order food whenever possible. The house we got was near the biggest national park in the area. This was one of the places we knew we’d spend time exploring the big lake in it. Such lakes permit swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, and such fun water activities. The first few days were amazing, then a storm hit, and things turned upside down. This storm was so intense that it knocked the power out, but not before damaging the HVAC cooling in the house. We had forgotten to turn it off before leaving the house when the storm hit. So, the HVAC cooling shut off when the storm grew more intense. We were stuck in a house with no electricity or air conditioning which wasn’t pleasant at all. Thankfully, we had the best host, and she did her best to make sure we were comfortable. When the electricity was back, she came by with several portable air conditioners. They would keep us cool, until the Heating and AC specialist came by to fix the faulty system.

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