The kids had been messing with the temperature control again

When I saw the energy bill last month, I nearly fainted.

We were having to pay twice as much for the heating as we did the previous year.

This has become a pattern with the price of energy in our home. And I wanted to get to the bottom of this issue. See, it’s not okay to work all your life just to pay bills. It’s better to have some money left to do things you like, and also save up. But, there’s been inflation lately, and the price of everything seems to get higher. Still, I thought the high energy bill was abnormal. So I spoke with an HVAC specialist about this matter. She had come by the house to do maintenance, and also clean the ductwork. We checked, and realized the issue was thermostat settings. We had installed a smart thermostat 2 years back, and it keeps a history of all changes to the settings. To my surprise, the settings were never consistent. It seems the kids had been messing with the temperature control again after the last time I warned them against it. If you keep changing the temperature settings, the HVAC heating system has to work harder to keep up. When this happens, you end up using more energy to warm your home, and pay a higher utility bill. This wasn’t what I wanted so I began monitoring the smart thermostat on my phone. If anyone attempted to change the settings, I would get an alert on my phone, and stop the activity. Hopefully, this will help lower my utility bills, and leave some money in my pockets.

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