Mom noticed some cold spots in the cabin

Mom has always wanted to live in a cabin.

Her dad owned a cabin many years ago, and she has the best memories.

However, mom raised us in the city, in a bungalow at a nice neighborhood. Now, life in this area was amazing because the community was lovely. But, she began to want to live somewhere quiet when we left home. Since she was an empty nester, mom wanted to live in a cabin, somewhere nice, where she could host people touring the area. The goal was to find a lovely cabin, with like 3 acres of land, or more. Last year, that dream came true. My brother had been visiting this rural area and came across a cabin for sale, somewhere remote, on 5 acres of land. It took about 3 months to get everything in order, and mom to move. One matter we had to handle was the heating system for the cabin. This area gets super cold during the winter months, so it’s paramount to have a heating system in place. We made sure to track down a heating and AC business in the area to handle installing a new system in the house. They also made sure the ductwork was in good condition. I think they missed some gaps, because mom noticed some cold spots in the cabin. Fall was pretty cold, so she turned on her heating system. This is when she came upon the cold spots, and we contacted the heating and AC business once more. They sent over an HVAC expert who traced down all the gaps on the ductwork and did thorough duct sealing.


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