The baby would get her own room

When my wife informed me she was pregnant, I was shocked.

We were in the process of buying a new house, and didn’t think this was the right time to have a baby. The house required some upgrades, so the goal was to work on that during the weekend. But, life tends to work differently from what we plan. Sure enough, we were going to have a baby, so plans had to change a bit. We were still moving ahead with the purchase, because now we truly needed a home. But, we planned to make major renovations after the baby came. That way, we’d have enough money in the bank for this next chapter of our lives. We got the house all set up by the time the baby came, which was a real miracle. Thankfully, friends and family were there to lend a hand here and there. The baby would get her own room, and we set up a ductless AC in the bedroom. The house has a central HVAC system set up to ensure we had the best heating and cooling. However, babies need more care, so we chose to go with something different. We spoke with an HVAC professional who advised us to opt for a ductless AC in her bedroom. That way, we could set specific temperatures for that space only, and not affect the rest of the house. This was the best idea, because we also got a dehumidifier for the baby’s room as well. It’s important to keep in mind the heating and cooling needs of a baby, as well as the indoor air quality of their bedroom.

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