Always be sure to inform a friend when leaving town

My friend called the police to report that I was missing.

See, I live in the city and have made some amazing friends. Last summer, I planned to take a small vacation and decided to travel somewhere remote. There was little to no cellphone reception in that area which was the way I liked it. I do remember informing someone that I would be away for 10 days. But, I forgot to inform my best friend. My vacation was amazing, and I got to truly relax since I had serious fatigue from working so much. However, when I got back, the police were at my house. It turns out my best friend had been so worried she contacted them to report me missing. I apologized and explained my cell reception was bad, and made a promise to never leave without informing her. Another surprise that was waiting for me was a faulty cooling system. I think my cooling system had been working too hard to cool my home when I was away. There had been a heat wave, and this affected many cooling systems. Now, I had a faulty cooling system and I had to call an Heating and AC expert to solve this issue. Unfortunately, they were swamped with calls for the same issue in our area. So, it would be up to 3 days before anyone came by to fix my faulty cooling system. My best friend lent me a portable AC which I would use until the Heating and AC expert showed up. She didn’t fail to mention my blander when she passed by to drop off the portable AC at my house.

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