Catherine went to the HVAC store to buy new air filters

Catherine managed to get a deal of a lifetime last year. She had been running her business for a decade, and things were looking up. Catherine had managed to start and grow a cosmetics business from the ground up. Her brand was so popular because she was always mindful of the products she sold to her customers. This emphasis on top quality, and affordable pricing, made many people want to purchase her products. Little by little, the business she started in her parent’s house had grown, and was now attracting some interesting people. When she got an offer to sell the company for 10 times what it was worth, Catherine didn’t hesitate. However, part of the deal was never to compromise the quality or affordability of the products. Now, it’s been a year of soul searching, and moving into a new house. Catherine had always been eyeing this lake house in a lovely location, and she finally managed to purchase it. Part of the upgrades that had to be done in the lake house was replacing the Heating and AC system in it. The previous owner had been using a heat pump, and a furnace depending on the time of the year. But, Catherine wanted maximum comfort, so she chose to replace them with a modern central HVAC system. The realtor who helped her with the purchase also gave Catherine contacts to a nearby Heating and AC business who did the upgrade splendidly. It’s been some time since then, and Catherine wanted to change her air filters, so she drove into town in search of a HVAC store. When she found one, Catherine walked into the HVAC store to purchase new air filters.

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