She wanted calendars so she could count down the days

Our kid kept complaining about the heat in her bedroom.

  • She told us it was too warm there, and she wanted a thermostat she could control.

We told her she wasn’t putting a thermostat in her room, and she would stomp away. We had Zone Control, but the thermostat to control our kid’s room was in the hallway. Our kid was quite stubborn, and every morning for a month she was coming to us and asking for a thermostat in her living room. Even though she knew we would say no, she still made her plea. At the end of the fourth week, she gave up on the thermostat and asked for her own flat. I don’t know who laughed harder; my spouse or myself. She was only 7 years old and wanted her own flat. She told us that if she had her own apartment, she would be able to set the thermostat wherever she wanted it and we couldn’t tell her no. She would have a thermostat that belonged to her. When her father reminded her she was only 7 years old, she stomped her foot at him. She said her sibling had a flat, but her sibling was 21 and in school. In one way, it was funny, but not in all ways. If she was this stubborn at 7, we were afraid to see what she was going to be like at fourteen. We compromised and told her that when she turned 12, we would discuss putting the thermostat in her room. This calmed her down a bit, but now she wanted calendars so she could count the days to her 12th birthday.

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