They’d would discuss putting the thermostat in her room

Kleid’s son and daughter kept complaining about the heat in their room. They told Kleid it was too hot in there, and they wanted a temperature control they could control. Kleid told them he wasn’t putting a temperature control in their room, and his children would stomp away. Kleid’s daughter and son had Zone Control, but the temperature control for their room was in the hallway. The children were quite stubborn, and every day for weeks they were coming to Kleid and asking for a temperature control in their room. Even though they knew Kleid would say no, his son and daughter still made their plea. After some time, they gave up on the temperature control and asked for their own chalet. Kleid was so surprised that he laughed when he heard their demand. His son was 7 and his daughter 9, and they wanted their own chalet. They told him that if they had their own chalet, they’d be able to set the temperature control wherever they wanted it and their dad couldn’t tell them no. They would have a temperature control that belonged to them. When Kleid reminded them they were too young, his son and daughter stomped their feet at him. They said their sister had a chalet, but their sister was 25 and running a business. In one way, it was funny, but in other ways not so much. If they were this stubborn at their tender age, Kleid was afraid to see what they were going to be as teenagers. Kleid compromised and told them that when they were older, they would discuss putting the temperature control in their room. This calmed the two down a lot, however now they wanted to know the exact age when this would happen.
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