He would have a thermostat that belonged to him

In a single way, it was funny, but not in all ways.

My brother’s son kept complaining about the heat in his bedroom. He told his parents it was too hot in there, and he wanted a control component he could control. My brother told him he wasn’t putting a control component in his bedroom, and that my nephew would stomp away. He had Zone Control, but the control component to control his bedroom was in the hallway. My nephew was quite stubborn, and every day for weeks he was coming to us and demanding a control component in his bedroom. Even though he knew that they would say no, he still made his plea. At the end of the week, he gave up on the control component and asked for his own condo. My brother doesn’t know who laughed harder; his wife or him. My nephew is only eight years old and wanted his own condo. He told my brother that if he had his own condo, he’d manage to set the control component wherever he wanted and no one could tell him no. My nephew would have a control component that belonged to him. When my brother reminded him he was only eight years old, he stomped his foot at him. He said his siblings had condos, but his siblings were older and working. In a single way, it was funny, but not in all ways. If he was this stubborn at eight, my brother was afraid to see what he was going to be like as a teen. My brother compromised and told my nephew that when he turned 13, they would discuss putting the control component in his room. This calmed him down a lot, but now he wanted calendars so he could count down the days to his 13th birthday.

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