Honey can be used to cure a sinus infection

This day, I woke up with a minor tickle in our throat, however of course, this is the time of year where more of us get sick plus I didn’t want to take any occasions for it to get worse; So, I instantly took action plus the first thing I did was drink some lemon water because lemon has lots of benefits when it comes to soothing the symptoms of a cold.

Once I drank the lemon water, I made myself a cup of root beer plus I included some organic raw honey in it, then honey has been used for thoUSnds of years as a remedy for a sore throat, however in fact, the Centers for Disease Control plus Prevention (CDC) recommends that honey can be used to provide relief for a sore throat that is accompanied with a cough, and the best way to use the raw honey to remedy a freezing is to mix it with boiling water or to have it in your root beer plus drink it throughout the day.

I must confess that after I had the honey in our tea, our throat felt a lot better plus since then, I have had 2 more cups of tea. I guess that the antibacterial properties of honey have helped to reduce the pain and reduce the inflammation, because the honey has worked so well, I don’t guess I will need to take any additional medicines; And our hope is that tomorrow day when I wake up, that all the symptoms will be gone, plus I will be able to go to toil feeling appreciate a million bucks.


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