She was over the moon about the new chapter in her life

Penny will never forget the afternoon she moved into her school dorm room.

She was eighteen years old and Penny was so excited to start this new chapter of her life.

She knew that she’d have roommates and she did not talk to them or meet them prior to living with them. The moving day was in September in the southeastern region of the US. It was hot and humid throughout. Moving all of her clothes, furniture, and items that she needed into her dorm was strenuous work. Thankfully, Penny’s dad was there to help her. When she entered the dorm, her roommates were already there. They were super hot, and Penny assumed that was from moving boxes. She quickly learned that the AC in her dorm room was not working. Penny asked her roommates if they told the resident assistant about the air conditioning issue. They said that they told them, but since it was a weekend the school Heating and Air Conditioning company wouldn’t manage to come until Monday. Penny was worried that the air conditioning was not working. She did not want her first evening of her new life to be spent perspiring excessively. Penny was so hot, and a small non air conditioned room with strangers was a recipe for disaster. She ended up running into her friends that she met at orientation a month prior. Penny told them about the air conditioning not working in her dorm room and they told her that she could crash in their room because the cooling system was now working perfectly. Penny slept in her friends’ air conditioned dorm room until the Heating and Air Conditioning expert came to repair the cooling system in her dorm room.
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