A/C did not work in college dorm

I will never forget the day I moved into my college dorm room.

I was eighteen years old and I was so excited to start this new chapter of my life.

I knew that I would have two roommates and I did not talk to them or meet them prior to living with them. Move in day was in August in the northeastern region of the United States. It was a hot and humid day. Moving all of my clothes, furniture, and items that I needed into my dorm was hard work, but luckily my parents were there to help me. When we entered the dorm, my roommates were already there. They were super sweaty, and I assumed that was from moving boxes. I quickly learned that the air conditioning in our dorm room was not working. I asked my roommates if they told the resident assistant about the air conditioning issue. They said that they told them, but since it was a weekend the college HVAC technician would not be able to come until Monday. I was very upset that the air conditioning was not working. I did not want my first night of my new life to be spent sweating excessively. I also am not myself when I am overheated, so a small non air conditioned room with strangers was a recipe for disaster. I ended up running into my friend that I met at orientation a week prior. I told her about the air conditioning not working in my dorm room and she told me that I could sleep in her room because her A/C was working perfectly. I slept in my friend’s air conditioned dorm room until the HVAC technician came to fix the A/C in my dorm room.

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