Jill would constantly turn her central air to super cold

My neighbor Jill suffers from an illness known as hyperhidrosis that causes excessive sweating.

Hyperhidrosis can cause excessive sweat in the armpits, on the hands, feet, and even other parts of the body.

Jill did not think she had hyperhidrosis, and she assumed that she was more covered in sweat than others. I begged Jill to go to the nurse because I felt like something was not right. Jill’s hyperhidrosis caused her to sweat excessively even when it was not super hot outside. I thought that was wrong when we were outside in the snow and her hands were excessively covered in sweat. Before Jill got her diagnosis, she always received high energy bills. Jill had to turn her central air to super cold because she thought her being covered in sweat was heat related. No matter if her a/c was low, if she was in the snow, or even right after showering Jill would excessively sweat. She finally got her diagnosis and got a medicated deodorant to try, but this didn’t help. Jill had to start taking medication which helps. Many people think they have hyperhidrosis if their armpits are covered in sweat from the heat and that is not necessarily true. Those who are covered in sweat will stop if they go into an air conditioned environment. If you do have hyperhidrosis, being in a hot and humid environment can lead to issues even if you are receiving treatment so it is important to stay in the central air when possible. It is beneficial for those suffering from hyperhidrosis to use a smart control unit so the loft remains comfortable.
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