Working on the warm water heating unit a bit

I have plans and my honey-do list for today is pretty simple, fix the slow leak in the water tank outside. My lady is not very demanding, so when she asks me to do something, it’s usually because it needs to be done. This apartment is pretty new, and most of the things work fine, but once in a while, there is a broken egg that needs to be thrown out and replaced. First, I’ll do my writing work, which takes me about two and a half hours, and then I’ll fix the warm water boiler leak. It is a very slow leak around the connection where the water from the cold water inlet flows into the tank. I need to loosen the connection to the water heater and put some Teflon tape on it. Hopefully, that will get the heating and air conditioning unit working again without any leaks. I guess I can do it without draining the tank, and it should only take me a few minutes. If I can’t do it, I might call the local company that put it in and ask if they can send a Heating and Air Conditioning tech to do the job for me. I would rather do it myself, though, because it’s such an easy fix and I don’t want to waste their time on something that’s so easy to fix. The propane boiler that my friend and I bought from them works well, except for this small slow leak that lets out a shot glass of water once a week.