Chugging along with heaters

I have about seven more months to get this group moving in the right direction, or I’ll have to go back home to the United States to be with my herd.

It’s not easy to go out on your own and leave the safety of your family and longtime friends, but I did it to follow my dream of doing standup comedy.

I’m so glad I took the leap into the performing arts because my life was getting boring without it, and now I’ve had all these experiences I never would have had otherwise. My Heating and Air Conditioning company back home kept me there for a few years, but in 2005 I decided I didn’t want to be a heating tech for the rest of my life and quit the business to do comedy. Since then, I’ve switched to rock and roll, and I like what I’ve done. I just need more time to find my voice and make more songs. My bandmate is a cooling rep, and he is also going to quit his job for the current dealer in the area so he can focus all of his energy on rock and roll. He lives in a nearby neighborhood, but he will move back here so that my partner and I can practice more respectfully and make progress. I want to go back home one afternoon soon to see my mom and sit by her fireplace while she makes us lunch. My friend and I will hang out and stay warm in her climate-controlled home by the beach.
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