In the late afternoon with heating

I have an hour of work left before I can stop and take a nap so I can go out and play music.

Although I’m worried I might not be able to make it outside at that time because I still have some work to do at home, my neighbor wants to exercise at 4 o’clock.

I took a little bit of time today to play with my cats, and as a result, my labor started much later than usual. One way or another, I’ll finish it and be ready to go by 5 o’clock. Because it is so humid outside and gets so cold after sundown that you must turn on your heating and air conditioning system to warm up when you get home, heating will be required later. I enjoy taking hot baths as well, but today I am short on time, so I’ll just use the heat in the apartment to warm up. Because of the mild weather right now, I don’t use the heating and cooling system very often, and I anticipate having one of the lowest energy bills of the year so far for my subsequent bill. I don’t know if I’ll have the energy to drum for hours, so I may just relax on the beach with some friends and play some music in our band tomorrow. I’m a little tired from not getting the best sleep last night. I’m about to clean the dirty cooling filter in my heating system. In conclusion, despite the upcoming task of cleaning the cooling filter in my heating system, I look forward to tomorrow’s beach outing with friends, where we can relax, play music, and recharge.

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