Laboring on the radiant heating unit

I have about 30 minutes left of labor before stopping to take a nap.

I’ll return and work for an additional 45 minutes before wrapping up for the day.

Due to my excessive sleepiness from staying up late the night before, this week is a little slower. After engaging in physical activity until around 8 p.m., I returned to my condo, took a shower, and by the time it was 10 p.m., I still hadn’t had dinner. My a/c quit working and my family room started to get extremely hot, so I guess I finally went to bed around 1 am and woke up around 8 am. I could cancel everything I had planned for today and go to the beach with my band and friends later, or I could tough it out and play music after going to the beach and playing a few games of ball. Since the heating company is closed today, I only need to complete my work online before I am free to do whatever. I suppose I’ll practice yoga and see how my body feels. If I don’t have a lot of pain, then maybe I can play some music and a ball tonight. Additionally, we need to stop by a few local businesses to hand them our supplier cards in case they’re looking for entertainment for their bars and clubs. If the money is good, my great friend and I would like to do three or four gigs a week so that we can reduce the amount of time we spend working as HVAC technicians.
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