Time to labor on the heating component upstairs

Having had a less-than-ideal night of sleep once again, I am feeling a little sleepy.

I seem to alternate between getting a lot of rest and having a restless night.

My intuition tells me that I need to change some things in my life, so I’m evaluating what could be done to make it better. I suppose this is my soul speaking to me. Even though I would generally prefer to get more sleep, I guess tunes are what keeps me up the most at night, which isn’t a bad thing. My great friend and I are preparing at the cooling company for another tense summer, so we are thinking about heating and A/C system maintenance. I’m working to learn how to stop my mind from talking when it wakes up in the middle of the night when I should be sleeping because I enjoy having conversations with it then. Because it produces a soothing white noise that usually lulls me back to sleep when I awaken, my media air cleaner greatly aids in my ability to sleep. I’m attempting to go to bed early so that I have plenty of time to sleep because my great friend and I typically wake up here pretty early once the cats begin to make noise. When they wake up, they make a beeline for my family room door and begin scratching at it until I open it. They like to sleep next to my heating and cooling system at night. I have to feed them so they will stop acting out because they get hungry early in the day.

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