Air conditioner repair coming up soon

I recently ate a large apple, and now I feel rather full.

I did, in fact, eat an apple with dinner the night before.

I was starving when I got home last night from the beach and since there was nothing in the house, I made a smoothie with apples, kefir, and peanut butter that I had for dinner. Even though it was a fairly healthy dinner, I didn’t eat it the way I usually do because I was famished and eager to get some food into my body. Given that it is getting quite hot outside and I like to have air conditioning while I relax or eat at home, I will prepare some rice with broccoli tonight and eat tuna while enjoying some climate control in my apartment. After finishing my writing assignment this afternoon, which will actually be around 3 p.m. because I have to train someone on the beach at 4 p.m., I’ll try to take a nap at some point this afternoon. On the beach, next to this local vendor, we’ll play some music and then have a conversation with them about putting on some performances for the bar’s patrons. The crowds in this town will soon be thick, so my best friend and I intend to perform a few nights a week to make some money and have a great time. As she plays the tambourine and contributes her rhythms to our music, the cooling representative from the town will join us. I suppose my best friend and I will record all of our songs tonight to see if we can upload any new music.


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