Only eleven more for my cooling corp

I still have about two hours of work to do as it is 12:30 pm. I also have a purchaser to train at 4 pm, so I must move quickly to allow myself time for dinner and some downtime before the training session. I’ll push myself to finish these quickly so that I have time to prepare my salad for the week, which I like to do every week at the beginning of the week to ensure that I eat a salad every afternoon. Heating and A/C system repairs are also on the agenda for this weekend as my great friend and I complete a significant duct cleaning task for this local supplier. I estimate that my great friend and I can complete the task in three afternoons or less, which means that it might extend into Tuesday. This is great news because Tuesday is a holiday and the supplier will be closed. Once my great friend and I get going, it should be a breeze because I’ll be working with an HVAC technician who is absolutely fantastic at cleaning air ducts. I guess my best friend and I will jam tonight on the pier at dusk and maybe even record some new music while we’re at it. I’ve been playing music with my friend from the heating company for a year, and my great friend and I have posted about 20 songs online so far, some of which are songs about our experiences working in the heating and cooling industry. I enjoy both my work in this industry and singing about it.


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