Cooling off in the office

Although the water temperature is still in the cool range at 60°F, my cold sea dips are soon coming to an end as summer approaches and the seas heat up.

I will have to wait until the upcoming fall and winter seasons to take another dip in the cold sea.

These naps during the day are what I like to do because they completely awaken me and give me energy for the afternoon so that I can finish my work without too much difficulty. After a morning run, I might decide to use my mini split cooling system to regulate the temperature in my office. Since it gets so hot out in the summer that I can’t leave the apartment without getting hot or sleepy, I typically stay inside the apartment until around 6 o’clock. A/C keeps me cool while I work, which also gives me energy because the heat can wear me out if not, so I like to have it running all afternoon in the summer. Given that it is almost the end of April and the temperatures are still not that warm, I won’t entirely need to run the system until then. However, once the humidity sets in, the temperature will drop, and my great friend and I will need to use the heating and air conditioning systems all afternoon to stay comfortable. I’m excited about a summer filled with music and volleyball, and I’m hoping that my body will agree and let me enjoy it for another summer. As the summer approaches and the seas heat up, I eagerly anticipate another season of cold sea dips in the upcoming fall and winter, while relying on my trusty A/C system to keep me cool and energized during the hot afternoons.


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