Waiting on the local business

A lot of life is spent waiting, but if my best friend and I just practice being in the moment, it won’t have to be that way! There are many things that I seem to be waiting for, including my stocks to rise, a new best friend, seeing my father once more, etc.

But if I keep waiting, my life will never be as good as I want it to be.

Even though I feel like something is missing, I’m trying to just enjoy what I have at the moment because I know that if I stop waiting, my peace of mind will return. Heating and air conditioning repairs are not the most enjoyable tasks in the world, but if I concentrate on cleaning this cooling system component or fixing an oil boiler rather than speculating on when I’ll be finished, I would care more about the present and it wouldn’t be as taxing. You can wait your entire life for something or other and never fully appreciate what you had, which is kind of worrying if you guess about it. The HEPA filter saleswoman always advised me to focus on what I was doing, whether it was charging an HVAC system or cleaning a boiler filter, as you will find it much easier to complete the task at hand and time will go by more quickly. I’m making an effort to follow her advice, and I find that the more I do so, the more enjoyable life seems to be. When I’m not worrying about when my shift is over and I can go home, I thoroughly enjoy cleaning air ducts.


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