My a/c was actually leaking water

I enjoyed the a/c on any overheated summer time day.

The soothing hum of the a/c lulled me to sleep as I reclined in my chair. But this entire peaceful oasis was soon to be transformed into a murky mess, and I was confused about why. From the corner of the room, I heard a strange dripping sound throughout the afternoon. The a/c had leaked water onto the floor, which led me to suppose that was the noise. I was taken aback to find that my AC leaked. I also carefully examined the a/c in search of the problem. I discovered a clogged drainage pipe that wasn’t allowing condensation from the a/c to drain. To service the a/c, I retrieved my tools and began taking it apart. Carefully, I removed the obstruction from the drain, restoring normal water flow. I reassembled it and prayed my quick service would be successful. When the a/c kicked on again, I breathed a sigh of relief as the room was once again filled with cool air. After finishing up the repairs, I felt slightly pleased but realized it honestly wasn’t efficient enough. I decided to have a professional heating and air conditioning service my a/c to stop any further leaks. I learned the hard way that respected inspections were necessary to keep the AC device in peak condition. From that point on, I knew I had to maintain the a/c by changing the air filters and emptying the condensation drain! Now that I definitely knew what to look for and how to service it, I could relax and care about the warm weather without worrying about any more possible water disfigurement.


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