Heated floors did not make my pet glad

The hardwood floors in our house have always been a real source of tension between my loving wife and me.

  • She enjoys walking around barefoot but dislikes walking on cold wood floors.

While some people may have concerns with the flooring, I never have. I wanted to show her how much I enjoyed her as our financial situation improved over the years, despite the fact that my friend and I were never a wealthy family. In order to have radiant floors installed, I contacted a local heating and air conditioning corporation and set up an appointment. I was looking forward to having my loving wife return from a corporation trip away from the house to care about the current floors with me. The only thing I forgot was to include our cat, Marko. When it came to flooring, she preferred the cooler ones and avoided the heated flooring. In fact, she started to have accidents on the current floor and refused to lay on them. Since I definitely cared so deeply about him, I knew I had to help in some way. As much as my loving wife enjoyed the newly installed radiant floors, she couldn’t help but notice Marko’s odd behavior when she got home. I filled her in on what was going on, and my friend and I collaborated to find a way to make Marko and her both glad with the outcome. My associate and I settled on the idea of installing an unheated floor space for him to use inside the house. The solution eliminated the accidents, and all the people involved were relieved. Whenever I feel the urge to do something nice, I have to really consider how it will make our pet feel!

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