I started to think that something was seriously wrong

I’ve always been super chilly ever since I can remember.

My hands and feet feel like ice so I always put the heat on, even when it’s a hot afternoon outside. When I’m outside in the chilly in the Winter, it takes me a really long time to get warm when I go inside. One lovely winter day, I finally knew there was an issue with my body. I was out in the snow for about half an hour, and felt so chilly that I was shivering. The central heat was already on in my lake house and I chose to light my fireplace. I turned my heat up super high, wrapped myself with a blanket, and sat in front of the fireplace. I was still shivering. This was when I chose to seek help because feeling chilly all the time was starting to affect me physically and mentally. My savings were also taking a hit. Turning the heat up high all the time was causing my energy costs to significantly increase. When I went to the hospital they ran several tests to see if I had a medical condition that was causing me to feel chilly all the time. After several blood tests and several questions from the health practitioner, I got to learn I suffer from hypothyroidism. My thyroid’s functionality is low, so my body struggles to regulate its temperature. Now that I have a diagnosis and an answer to the dilemma of why I feel chilly all the time, I am feeling a little bit better. I started taking medications, and slowly my body regulated its temperature. I can turn the heat down and not feel like wrapping myself in a warm blanket.

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