Fundraising for the local homeless shelter plus how the local cooling dealer came through for our social project

Two years ago, I joined my new friends in university for a volunteer position at the local homeless shelter; My associate and I handled fundraising for clothing plus food, which had challenges, however we managed to meet our goals.

Last year, we had targeted getting the shelter a new Heating and Air Conditioning installation because their cooling plus heating component was already troubling them, plus paying for service was unsustainable, they had already spent part of Summer without cooling equipment, plus we were determined to find them a cooling technology that would hot the entire space for climate control plus help with indoor comfort.

The older adults were already struggling with the hot plus cold temperatures, plus since we had a stable supply of food, water, plus clothing, Heating and Air Conditioning was the next giant project! Our plan involved finding a reliable cooling serviceman to assess the property plus command the most suitable unit to purchase. That was easy because the local repair provider offers free house services for consultations, however because the shelter has rooms that are only sporadically in use, we wanted something easy to manage without excessive energy bills! Relying on gas was not an option because it was already too costly, so the cooling specialist recommended an electric heat pump! According to the price given by the local Heating and Air Conditioning business, the budget for it was higher than we anticipated, plus we’d need to add to the cost of hiring a quality AC repair provider to install it. My associate and I wrote to the cooling dealer asking them to help us gain the unit within their social outreach program, which saved us unit costs. They approved, plus all we had to pay for was the installation costs incurred by the Heating and Air Conditioning contractor.
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