It takes him a long time to heat back up when he goes outside

Zack has been feeling cold since he was a kid.

His fingers and toes especially feel cold, so he constantly puts the heat on, even when it is a sunny day outside. When Zack is outside in the freezing cold of winter, it takes him a really long duration to heat back up when he returns to his cabin. Zack knew there was an issue with his body. On this particular day he was not outside for truly long, but Zack was so chilly that he was shivering. The central heat was already on in his cabin, so Zack decided to light his fireplace. He turned his heat up super high, put many layers on, and sat in front of the fireplace. Zack still felt cold. This is when he chose to go to the doctor. Always being cold was starting to affect his physical and mental health.This was also affecting him financially. Turning the heat up high all the time meant his energy bill was through the roof. When Zack went to the doctor they ran many tests to see if he had a medical condition that was causing him to feel freezing all the time. After many blood tests and the doctor asking him many questions, Zack was informed he has hypothyroidism. His thyroid was not actually working effectively, so his body struggled to regulate its temperature. Zack felt good to have the diagnosis and an answer to the dilemma of why he felt freezing all the time. He even started to enjoy his winter days. Zack is taking medications, and slowly his body regulates its temperature. He can turn the heat down and stop wearing so many layers.

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